📷 Smartphone photography | A trip to Vinh Hy Bay - Vietnam

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Dear Steemians!

I took these photo by my phone during my trip to Vinh Hy Bay. Vinh Hy bay is considered one of Vietnam's four most beautiful bays which locates in the southern-central region of Vietnam. It takes about 6 hours from Ho Chi Minh city to pass over 350 kilometers by land. Surrounding with white sand beaches, colorful coral reefs, streams babbling extensive green forest and a charming fishing village all make Vinh Hy as most beautiful bays in Vietnam. I will go back and take more photos with my DSLR camera in next time ^^.

Hope you enjoy it and Have good a day!


Trekking Up Nui Chua From Vinh Hy Bay


Fabolus view of fishing village


On my way to Ninh Thuan


Hang Rai

CameraHTC M8
LocationNinh Thuan -Vietnam

Thank You & Have a Great Day
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Really, the place looks great .. good for you
You've done well on your report
Thank you for sharing your adventure with us‏..

Whenever I saw stunning scenery, I felt relaxed and somehow relieved stress. I dont know what others feel about it.


beautiful images. thanks for sharing

Gran post 😎

Vietnam looks more beautiful through your post ! Amazing shots my friend !!


vietnam is a beautiful country indeed

nice shots ^^ hope to be like you someday ...

Hi...@ethant109 It is very cool. The catch is amazing, coupled with beautiful scenery. Very tempting 😍.

Hello my friend. I'm new here. I'm happy to help me and use your experiences.I want to make progress.thanks.also it's very beautifull

Thats an amazing view and very beautiful photos. Enjoy your weekend :)

wow. stunning. One day wanna go there.. Thanks for uploading beautiful photos.

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very nice with beautiful pics :)
Hope you like my post as well....

So nice pictures with a smartphone! 😮

Hey, your motivating me to book a trip! Nice post, beautiful!!

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Very nice photos. Makes me want to visit Vietnam!

Vietnam is indeed a great to travel to and has beautiful sceneries. I hope you enjoyed your trip and will return for more. I enjoyed viewing your photography @ethant109 . Hope to see more of your work int the future.

Nice photos! I have been to Phan Thiet several times but haven't visited Vinh Hy yet. Will put in to the next travel destination.

Ninh thuan and Hang Rai are real attractive places, this region is very picturesque.

oh my god I did not know that Vietnam had such beautiful places to visit


There are many beautiful places in Vietnam, I have not visit some best places yet ^^

Vietnam is my next goal to visit, who knows, maybe i will use hitchhiking from Poland :)

Yeah!!! and my day is better 😎☺ thanks

Amazing places and great shots!

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Great photo serie. Love the blue skies.
#resteem #resteemed

What!? This is with a smart phone!? haha Wow! Here is proof that photography is a talent and if you have the skill it doesn't matter what you are using!


yeah. very true. amazing capture

Fantastic! I just want to go there!

Whoa thanks for making us a part of this wonderful experience of Vietnam. I didn't knkw vietnam had such beaitiful places. Classy photography dear. A very enlarged image and a refreahing view. Simply senssational.

Wow this is beautiful Photos and indeed stunning place. Thanks for sharing .

Amazing view & phone skills. Can't wait to see the photos with your camera.
(Nice to meet you, following!)

very nice pictures

let's make progress together,here on steemit,thanks for upvotes :-)


AWEsome man!! Your pics are wonderful.
Bdw, Checkout my blog as well:

Up vote if you like it. Looking forward to hear more from you.


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Each photograph transmits peace and tranquility. The places are beautiful and the shots, spectacular. Certainly very good pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful, crystal clear photos! Makes me want to go there!

Im in love!

It looks so beautiful , nice smartphone you have

The beaches are lovely

so nice blue!