Clicked #20: Tosh Village

Hey fellow steemians,
Here are the few photographs of the Tosh Village (2400 m) above sea level located in beautiful Parvati Valley. It is basically described as traditional village turned hippie colony.

Camera: Canon 550D
Lens: 50mm and 18-55mm

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Interesting place Tosh Village is. A photographers playground and paradise it is for sure :) How long did you stay?

ps: I looked up the place and found this short video. I guess you have more pictures, right? lol

@faustofraser thank you for your interest in the post.
Yes it is paradise for hippies :D
i just stayed for 3-4 hours.
it started snowing then we left.

i have followed you. you are capturing images with proper timing. Loved it, will be in touch. CHeers

Snowing? Aw man, that would be the cherry on top! My list of places to go is getting longer and longer!

Yea Bro @faustofraser from which country you are ???

Suriname, South America! And yes, we have roti and baras overhere too :)

roti i understand what is baras ??? @faustofraser

The best way to describe them I think; Fried "donuts" made from Urdi/Oerdi flour eaten with a (very) hot birambi chutney. 5 years ago you would've been able to kill me with baras...

@faustofraser soon i will be posting blogs on food. DO check them and you love spicy food ?

Yooooo...where have you been meeping lately?

Wow, looks like an amazing place captured beautifully. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing more!

wow thank you thats so nice of you, will be in touch :)

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Everyone of those photos are breathtaking but if i had to choose one it would be that 1st one! SUPERB

Thats my favorite too. actually captured it in raw format

That's the best way! I shoot RAW exclusively.

still figuring out how to use lightroom

The mood of the last photo!!!

the only color i saw was white

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