No water, no life

in landscapephotography •  last year 


„No water, no life. No blue, no green.“ - Sylvia Earle

We should really start not taking our beautiful planet for granted. But instead working together to sustain it.

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I agree with you.

Saya juga setuju

If humans forget the awe of nature and do not appreciate it, the world will definitely pass away.

for better life, water for life.

Absolutely true. Please save H2o

Water is precious plz don't waste. Drink beer save water


@sjbsj4ever thank you, I am happy that you agree 😊

I approve @arianpet

Amazing photo. Thanks alot

@arianpet thank you 🙏 😊

Vote back my friend
I @syanaa hehehe

Beautiful pic
We should act the right way. The talking time should be over for long.
How long do people say that we should take nothing for granted.
We are only guests on Earth and we have to ensure that our footprint on the 🌏 should have a positive impact for the next generations.
I might publish a blog in this regard 🔜

Thank for your comment. I really appreciate that. I am looking foward reading your blog post about the topic. :)

Hi, I just followed you :-)
Follow back and we can help each other succeed! @hatu

Hey friend i have upvoted you... And i hope that you are doing well

You are right. Richest nations are those wich work to preserve its natural resouches.

That's right. 👍🏼
Ppl go ecologists 🌱

I agree with you.

Vote back my friend
I @syanaa hehehe

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