Vyatskoye, Yaroslavl Oblast. Heart of Russia

Vyatskoye is the most beautiful village in Russia! Along with the villages of Provence and the Alps, the Cote d'Azur and Lombardy, Wallonia and Quebec, Russia now has the title of the most beautiful village, and it belongs to the village of Vyatskoye, which is located in the Yaroslavl region.

The ancient merchant village of Vyatskoe is located in the Nekrasovsky district - one of the most ecologically clean and historically significant districts of the Yaroslavl region, 30 kilometers from Yaroslavl along the Lyubimsky road and 300 kilometers from Moscow. The most interesting history of these places, advantageous geographical location, the richest natural resources make this region an attractive territory for tourists. Surprisingly beautiful nature of the Central Russian plain with a web of rivers and lakes (the latter number is 38), with open spaces that delight the eye at any time of the year, with a mild climate all contribute to the fact that it is equally interesting to study these places in winter and summer.

October 15, 2015 the village of Vyatskoe became the first full-fledged participant in the Association of the most beautiful villages of Russia.

Village Vyatskoye is a unique town-planning complex of the XVIII - XIX centuries with more than 50 registered monuments of architecture, formerly merchant and peasant houses, tea and tavern establishments, almshouses. The basis of the historical and cultural heritage of Vyatka is, first of all, the planning structure of the village, almost entirely related to the XVIII century. To date, the village has restored more than 30 monuments of cultural and historical heritage, which are filled with a new functional purpose. Village Vyatskoye has turned into a modern Historical and Cultural Complex with ten museums, three hotels, a restaurant, a Cinema Concert Hall and the corresponding tourist infrastructure. Each object reflects unique features of the region, originality and richness of local culture.

Vyatskoe - a village located in the most environmentally clean and historically significant area of ​​the Yaroslavl region - Nekrasovsky. This region has an interesting history, favorable geographical position and rich natural resources. All this attracts a lot of tourists here, and is also convenient for those who just want to change the urban fuss over the tranquility and tranquility of nature. Vyatka is located 38 km from Yaroslavl, if you follow Lyubimskaya road. The village lies on the banks of Ukhtomka, about half a kilometer from the Vyatskoye reservoir.

Vyatka is considered to be a museum under the open sky. It was known in Russia for its bazaar fairs, crafts, "walking to the people", schismatics, white-green movement and its talented fellow countrymen, among whom the sculptor A.Opekushin. - the author of the monument to Pushkin, P. Telushkin, who was the founder of Russian mountaineering, who alone repaired the angel's wing on the spire of the Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg without insurance, the great poet Nekrasov NA, who found the prototypes of the characters of his works here in the Vyatka outback.

Vyatka is a unique town-planning complex of the 18th and 19th centuries, in which 57 officially registered architectural monuments are located. The basis of Vyatsky's historical and cultural heritage is the planning structure of the village, dating back to the 18th century. The center of its composition is the large space of the former Trading Square. By the 18th century there were also two churches - the Assumption and the Resurrection, in the early 20th century. was built Old Believer temple in the village of Elokhino, a kilometer from Vyatka. Today there is an Old Believer church dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin and the Resurrection Church.

In January 2008, a chapel was built in Vyatskoye over the baptismal font, the pediment of which was painted by the People's Artist of Russia Nikolai Mukhin. The font is based on the Erechtan spring, its water is close to the famous Franciscand waters (Baden-Baden). Such a christening can hardly be found anywhere else in Russia.

In the center of Vyatka there are two monuments that belong to different epochs: the monument to Alexander II, erected in 1911, but lost in the Soviet era, again took its place in 2008. On the 63rd anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War, a monument was reconstructed to the villagers who fell in battle.

On December 24, 2008, thanks to the participation and support of the Yaroslavl Museum-Reserve and the Department of Culture of the region in the village of Vyatskoye, the Museum of Russian Entrepreneurship was opened (another name is "The Story of a Village that Wished to Be a City ..."). He was housed in an old mansion in the center of Vyatka, which once belonged to the merchant II. Galochkin. The main theme of the exposition of this museum is the emergence and development of entrepreneurship in Russia. Guests of the museum will also learn how rich the history of the old Russian village of Vyatka. Presented here exhibits extremely accurately convey the atmosphere of ancient times, when its famous residents glorified their small homeland with diligence and talent.

In 2010, in Vyatka, the museum of "Russian Fun", the museum of "Russian Bathhouse in Black", the museum of "Vyatka Trading Peasant" opened their doors.
On May 18, 2011 the museum of "Angels" was opened, which is dedicated to the feat of roofer Peter Telushkin, who repaired in 1830 the angel's wing at Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg.

In February 2012, the interactive museum "Numbers of merchants of the Urlov brothers" was opened in Vyatsky, in which the atmosphere of the old hotel was recreated, as well as the Museum of Russian Folk Art with unique exhibits of folk art from the collections of O. and A. Ilyins.

One of the elements of the ensemble Trading Square is a hotel and restaurant complex, consisting of two sleeping buildings and a restaurant building. The first sleeping building was located in the former tavern institution of the merchant EA. Glinka, whose building is decorated with a skillful plaster decor, and in itself is an architectural monument of the 19th century. The second dormitory is located in the former building of Kundyshevo-Volodinskaya almshouse, made in the style of late classicism. The lobby and corridors of the hotel, the restaurant and the music salon are a kind of museum, as exhibits of ancient objects are exhibited here. The restaurant is located in the former building of the Telushkins.

The main guests of Vyatka are Russian and foreign tourists who are interested in Russian history, its traditions, everyday life.


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