Tuesday of Landscape Photography - Juangriego Bay

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This is my entry to the landscapephotography contest hosted by @photocontests and sponsored by @juliank



The bay of Juangriego is one of the best-known destinations of the island of Margarita and Venezuela, its beautiful sunsets that are one of the most beautiful in the country and its nuerosos restaurants and shops that surround it make it an ideal destination for those who visit Margarita, It is also a very special place for photographers and amateurs since you can capture beautiful photos of the landscape with its different nuances. But one of the most important things is that it is a place of sustenance for fishing where many fishermen carry out their work and live thanks to the gifts of nature and this bay.

Photo taken from a Mobile Phone.

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It looks stunning by showing the beauty of nature!

Lovely sky, Super cool

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Gorgeous! The play between light and darkness is excellent. Even though I would have shown a little more of the sky, you did a fantastic job overall. Resteemed!