At Noosa beach watching the swell roll in

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I am far from a professional photographer, with most of my photography experiencing coming from encounters I have had with marine mammals around the world. However, I took my mate down to the beach to show him Noosa - its kind of a pretty place that incredibly lots of people come to visit every year. I am kidding, Steemians. It. Is. Gorgeous!

I decided to give a go at photographing the waves smashing against on of the man made water breakers on the beach. In the process not get soaking wet and ruin my camera gear.

“I have traveled through madness to find me.”

~Danny Alexander


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The surf is pretty wild this time of year. Nice shot of the wave hitting the rocks. Nature and physics at work. Is your mate @scottdphoto ?

that it is - especially with the weather up north pushing down the coast. That he is! I was wondering if any Steemians were going to put that together. Nicely done, sir. @scottdphoto and I have been great mates for close to a decade - diving and adventuring all around the place whilst taking some photographs and his work is impressive!

We should arrange a mini Steemup while your here. I live in Coolum.

I wish we could have - We left the following day down to Brisbane then off to Melbourne. I will have to let you know when I head back down to see my family that lives around Marcoola way

All good. Enjoy your time down under

Love the pic!
Looks as if you came pretty close to getting drenched by the looks of it. LOL

That I did! I was lucky to not get wet when I took that photo :)

thomasjmitchell i follow you and i have seen many of your say that you are far from a professional photographer but your pictures say otherwise...i just wanna say congratulations keep the good work.... this pic of yours is so alive god!!...great work

Thanks for the support and kind words! I am really happy that you enjoy my posts.

Very Beautifull Photo.
Please more of them.

Greetings from Berlin

Thank you! I shall do my best to keep them coming

Thanks for letting us see theses beautiful views through your lens... I want your life!!

You are welcome! Thanks for the support - its greatly appreciated

My not be a pro, but the picture looks great!

Your photographs are smashing!!!! Also you are the luckiest person in the world. At least you would make the top ten if I had anything to say about it.

Thank you very much for your kind words! Greatly appreciated :)

Noosa is paradise ! Have you been to the burger restaurant ? I think it is named bettysburgers and you definitly have to try if you didn't. Even in Brisbane you can't find better burgers ! And the watterpool of Noosa as well is awesome !

I have not been to the burger restaurant at Noosa - I might have to look for it next time I head up that way. Thanks for the tip :)

You have to go there mate ! you'll see it's really small inside, there is 10waiters but you have to get up to get your burger via an alarm system, that's crazy but burgers are crazy as well ! Parole de français !

Awesome shot! You dont have to be a pro to get a nice result. Risky shots are my favourite! Thumbs up :)

Cheers for the support! What is life without a bit of risk..??!!

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This picture reminded me of summer. I look forward to going to the beach now. Hope your camera gear is dry.

The camera gear is dry - lucky me.

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This is stunning and I don't think you as as far away from being a pro as you think!

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