Rainbow Canyon near Cliffdwellers, Arizona, USA

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I enjoy toy photography but I also enjoy other types of photography. I always stop for the photo op. We were on our way home from visiting my in laws in Arizona for Christmas parties and I had to stop to capture this glowing road. It was basically midday with no clouds in sight. I used the Rokkor 58mm f1.4 manual focus lens on my Olympus OMD EM5. It was too bright wide open so I cupped my hand in a circle in front of the lens rather than stopping down. This resulted in the warming red / brown tones in the shot. This image is straight out of camera (SOOC).

Let me know if you like it.😎👍


I always wanted to get to this place in USA! It's is so magnificent, mystical!
Really really nice shots. Love it! :)

Thank you! It really is a beautifully scenic drive. I feel so lucky to drive it a couple times a year.😎👍