The Indian bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput now owns a part of the moon.......

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Sushant Singh Rajput has bought land on the moon. The actor will also be seen in Chanda Mama Door Ke which is touted to be India's first space movie.

Sushant Singh Rajput is reaching for the Moon, literally. It could be a unique way to promote his film Chanda Mama Door Ke or simply a dream come true for his inner nerd, Rajput has bought what he claims to be a piece of lunar land on the far side of the Moon, in a region called the Mare Muscoviense, or the “Sea of Muscovy”. The actor is already an owner of an advance telescope called the Meade 14″ LX600, which can help him keep an eye on this prime piece of real estate from his home on Earth. Rajput’s land is on the blind side from the Earth.

“I would like to believe that the different ways we answer questions ‘are’ the answers of those questions. So the variations in the way we punctuate the narratives; the nuance, would create the different versions of reality in future. My mother used to tell me that my life will be the story that I will tell myself. I am just punctuating a nuance right now and already am, over the Moon!” Rajput said in a statement.
The actor has bought the property from the International Lunar Lands Registry, making him the first Bollywood actor to do so though Shah Rukh Khan has already been gifted a piece on the Moon by a fan. Rajput got the property registered on June 25 but it may not amount to a legal ownership as an international treaty states that “outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies” are the common heritage of mankind and cannot be owned by any nation.

Apart from Chanda Mama Door Ke, Sushant Singh Rajput is also working on Drive, Kedarnath and Sonchiriya. Kedarnath is scheduled to release on November 30 and will mark the debut of actor Sara Ali Khan.

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gifted a piece on the Moon by a fan??? lol whose that fan? :P

Sandi, an Australian Jabra fan of King Khan buys him lunar property on every birthday. In an old interview with Zee News, SRK had said,

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