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Hello steemians, today is Saturday and here in Lagos, most weekends are packed with activities ranging from weddings to trainings to various forms of parties.


The entire city can be locked down for obvious reasons. Many would go to the big markets to do their weekly or monthly shopping and major roads are congested with cars packed at wrong places causing a trafic congestion. Other times heavy duty trucks break down on the roads without anyone attending to it for hours causing trafic gridlock in other areas.

Now the Third Mainland Bridge has been closed down for mentenance for two days. Those from the highland going out of Lagos or to town in Ikeja and other places will now have to do so via Victoria Island, CMS, Ojuelegba and Ikorodu road.

As at 7:00am yesterday the traffic had built up till Palmgrove along Ikorodu road. Many woekers were late ro work and the situation might be worse today. Except most of the Owambes were canceled.

Well i have a meeting at Ikeja this morning and could barely sleep so i can beat the traffic.

The cost of transportation was sky high but there is little or nothing one can do. Except the meeting is that important, I guess people should just stay at home.

In that same route all the trucks from outside Lagos take to Apapa and are still packed on the road.

It is raining cats and dogs this morning as well. How else can the day go.

I left the house by 7:00am yesterday but today, my target is to leave 6:00am. Lets see how it goes. Catch you all later and have a most amazing weekend like me.

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