1/07/2016; The Labour Party; Awakening from its Slumber.

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The #ChickenCoup is backfiring dramatically, with Corbyn now strengthened by:

A Progressive Shadow Cabinet (Anti-trident, anti-austerity)
10,000 demonstrators in Parliament Square (they ll be back at a moment’s notice)
230,000 signatures (and rising)
Another membership surge (both Labour, 60,000, and Momentum)
Progressive MPs: Caroline Lucas defended Corbyn’s performance for Remain, SNP attacked the 172.
The BBC! (Kind of.)
Eagle is hesitating to make the challenge, no-one else seems up for it. And the 172 MPs are now in very real danger of losing their jobs, through de-selection. Tom Watson could well lose his position at the end of all this as well. Sum total is that the members are set to take control of their Party.

The Tories meanwhile…

Boris read my blog (http://mxmagpie.uk/2016/06/20/why-brexit/) and realised he better not stand for leader of the Tory Party, because he was screwed if he did. I cant help but think the Gove’s move was covering-fire for Johnson backing-out, and the plan now is that May takes over and makes him Brexit minister.

Still she is going to be caught between an EU/ Opposition leader/ General Public/ Press demanding activation of article 50….and a Parliament (and a General Public) wanting to stay in the EU. Everyone is very upset and it’s going to take some creativity and charisma to placate even some of them.

Come September, there will be loud calls for a general election. They don’t have to hold one, and with a resurgent Corbyn consolidating the members control over a growing and awaking Labour Party, they wont want to…

But with an illegitimate leader presiding over a divided party with a slim majority they might have to; an upsurge in strikes and protests this winter is seems likely if they don’t.

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