Reversal | Ready to Get Ready | NRЯИ

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A flock of penguins on an icy beach.
Inward purpose draws to itself an invisible community of those who are dedicated to the far places together. Your subtle support system recognizes acutely that you are bearing gifts of a high and free kind and attempting to bring these through in just the right way. A guiding stream accompanies your very life-pulse and steers you toward staying faithful and not pushing too hard, too fast. A timeless, future-infused sphere, vast and expansive and truly unlimited. Become the personification of this otherness by being inwardly there within it and outwardly silent and poised and cool. There shall be chances, opportunities, ritual occasions for bringing the greater worlds to bear upon the basic, shared lifestream. And at all other times, preparation and ripening are in order, to be perfectly ready when called upon, clear, steady, and supertrue.
-Lonsdale, E. #NRЯИ