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You are an investor, trading, or a coin collector,  or you are a  person who has been disappointed in the coin you have, but it is not  clear who is the maker or who is finally a scam, or maybe you are a person who is very careful in investing,  or maybe you as a coin maker who wants to join and succses.  on this day I want to introduce, to you my friends.

KYD, a bridge of trust between a community and a developer or team.

New days of secure investing are here!

 In the cryptos phere, we as a community, are producing new and innovative coins and tokens. This helps to move the financial system as a whole to a more transparent and fair system. However, as a side effect of innovation, new coins and tokens are rapidly produced on a daily basis. These coins often have anonymous developers and are prone to being scams. So how do youknow which developers of new and amazing projects can you trust? With the Know Your Developer coin, you can! 

KYD started at the 9th of July with one goal and two ways of achieving it. Our goal is to make the cryptosphere safer and minimize scams. The ways we want to achieve that is by verifying teams and offering a platform on which developers can be hired safely.

Team identification review

Know Your Developertries to minimize the chancesof you getting scammed. Developers can apply on our website, write a biography, link to projects they areworking on,but also get a rating on their developer abilities and reviews from community members.

In addition, KYD offers a list of verified projects. These projects can have different levels of verification. Our first setup is :

Level 1 : The lead developer private verified

Level 2 : The entire team has done a private identification review

Level 3 : The lead developer doing a public review

Level 4 : The entire team doing a public review

KYD, aplatform for hiring developers of numerous fields

With the KYD platform you, as auser,will be able to hire a developer for your projec, coin or token. The range of fields will include:

UX & UI : Help build for the interaction of the end users of the KYD platform

Chain building : Support/Develop the KYD Blockchain

Bot building : Building bt that help solve problem and answer questions

Services likeshared masternodes : ( This is a regular masternode, that the investment cost is shared by more than one investor. Less money to have to supply upfront, as well have to ability to spread you money around to different investments.)

Hire influential people withlarge followers for promotion : Hire influential social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) people that have large followings for promotion.

Developers can get listed with basic verification via Skype. Through passport verification, we verify both face and name with theirID. A short biography will be added containing their background and whatthecoins developers have worked on. Developerscan be paid through bitcoins, or with a discounted price, through KYD

Utility of KYD

Being a basic member is free! With a basic membership, you can see everyone in the ecosystem. In this ecosystem you can hold a web wallet and get a chance to view developers and their:

  - Ratings 

  - Short biographies 

  - Basic information 

  - Coins they have built, or worked on 

.Premium members need to hold 1000 coins on the website wal et. Being a premium member wil give you basic features in addition to: 

 - Direct contact to a developer 

 - Easy and securely paying developers in KYD for the building of a coin, making an explorer, developing a pool etc. 

 - All-in-one service – coin building - Have a coin developed for you and get everything needed (pool, explorer, graphics, social media accounts, etc). Furthermore, you get a security stamp of approval (once you’ve been listed as a developer) 

Future features: 

- IPFS interplanetary file sharing 

- All-in-one service – coin listings - paying a fixed amount of KYD to get your coin listed on 1 exchange, Masternodes.Online, etc. 

Getting listed as a developer or coin 

In our first 1 month of existence, we want to offer developers to get listed for free, after this month the getting listed price wil go up to 1000 KYD (adjusted to inflation). KYD has two options for developers to be listed, namely 

  - Ful y verified 

  - Privately verified 

 As a fully verified developer you wil have to provide basic information about yourself, which wil be listed on the website. You also need to send a copy of your Passport (black out citizen number). 

  And a selfie containing your face, ID and a paper with the date of today. The copy of your Passport wil be destroyed. Name, Country and selfie with the KYD paper wil be kept privately on our offline server with cold storage in Raid 5. Being listed on our site as a developer brings many advantages: 

  - You can get work fast 

  - You can get more work, because people know you are a trusted developer 

  - Get paid quick and easily 

  - Build a loyal fol ower base

Why we offer private verified listings 

When we were talking to developers, issues were often raised about their safety to threats, money theft, extortion and ful responsibility if a coin fails. Therefore, we also wil also give the option to developers to be listed as trusted developer and display their Discord name or nickname. We will still verify the developer via same method as for the ful y verified developers and make sure the developer is real and accountable if he scams a community. 

 Getting listed as coin 

Your existing coin can get an approval certificate from KYD. This certificate means that we guarantee that your team exists of real people. We wil list your project on our page as verified 

This wil give your investors or community members confidence in the legitimacy of your coin. We offer a private review and a public review. In the case of the private review, we wil just display that you are verified but won’t publish your names and pictures. This wil give enough trust to your fol owers, but a public review wil provide even more trust. You wil al ow us to publish your names, pictures and LinkedIn profile (if applicable). 

We wil charge 0.1 BTC for a verification of the legitimacy of the team. You wil need to fil in a form that ask some basic questions and also requires a copy of the passport of al core team members. 

Verification fees 

The verification fees depend on the status of your coin. More established coins require less verification than newer coins. Therefore, there is a difference between coins. 

  Paid Listings 

  Ø 5,000 KYD - ICO 

  Ø 3,500 KYD - Launched 1 month Under Private (exchange required) 

  Ø 2,000 KYD - Launched 1 month Under Public (exchange required) 

  Ø 2,500 KYD - Regular Private Listing 

  Ø 1,000 KYD - Regular Public Listing 

 Free Listings 

 Ø Free - Special Public Listing Top 500 Coin on CoinMarketCap (or high profile coin) 

Fast-Track listings 

 Ø 2,500 KYD - Fast Track: Not Guaranteed to be only coin listed that day Ø 3,500 KYD - Fast Track: Dedicated Day, Twitter Post 


  Coin Name 

  Know Your Developer (KYD) 

  Coin Type 

  PoS & MN 



  (100,000 MN Auction) 

  (30,000 for Team Member) 

  (80,000 for Development & Bounties) 

  Dev Budget 

  10% set aside in a superblock 

  Max Coin Supply 


  Block Time 

  1 Minute 

  Masternode Collateral 

  10,000 KYD 



Important Links


  Block Explorer 





  BitcoinTalk ANN


        Join with us : 

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