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Dear Darbians, recently we have got many questions about account verification.

In this article we will explain what KYC is, what it is used for and how to go through this process on our website Darb Finance.

KYC stands for Know Your Customer and means that client has to provide to organization a package of documents containing regulated information about his or her personality. It is done to prevent money laundering and reduce potential risks of illegal intentions.


You don’t need to verify your identity during the registration process. It can be done at a later time.
But be note that in the verification form you have to provide your personal and address data. To verify your account, you will have to supply a document that confirms your residential address. Having a webcam is also required.

Make sure that the document confirming your identity meets the following requirements:

  • National ID, passport or driving license must be valid;
  • The identification document is scanned in full color;
  • The image of your identification document is sharp;
  • All corners of your identification document are visible in the image.

Make sure that the document confirming the registration address meets the following requirements:

  • utility bill (but not for mobile phone), tax statement, bank statement, insurance agreement must be no older than 3 months;
  • for level 1 and level 2 verification you need to upload two different documents;
  • the original document indicating the registration address and your name;
  • good image quality, which shows all the data is required;
  • the document shows your name and address (country, city, street, house number / apartment).

For now we are able to verify documents in Polish, English, Chinese and Russian (but it takes much longer than English). We really appreciate if your documents are originally in English or sworn translated into English. The photo of the original document and the translation must be downloaded in one file.

If your documents meet all the conditions, the account will be verified in the near future. After uploading documents you will receive information regarding your KYC status where you could find following instructions.

We hope that we helped you to understand the verification procedure. We always happy to see new users and ready help you.

Yours, Darb Finance.