Do you know how to pick good weed?

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Depending on where you live, it can be pretty difficult to find good pot. Even in those states where the use of recreational and medicinal marijuana has been legalized, how do you know what's good and what's just kind of okay?

There are some things you want to look at:


The more frosting the nugs have, the higher they are in terms of quality. You should be able to see the trichomes all over the weed, because that's where the most concentrated amount of cannabinoids are going to be.


Marijuana can be all sorts of colors, including: Bright green, purple, orange, and red. What you DON'T want, though, are nugs that are brown, tan, or beige. This is a sign of degradation and light damage going on, and both things will reduce the potency of your weed and adversely affect the flavor and aroma.


Now, if you're buying from a dispensary, you're probably not going to be able to open up a jar and smell the weed. Even where it's legalized, the laws prohibit the containers or packages from being opened inside the store. However, if you can smell the weed through the container, you can pretty much bet that it's going to be some premium stuff. If you're unsure, your budtender can tell you about the strain and give you a pretty good idea of whether or not you'd like it.


This is where things get a LITTLE tricky.

The more dense the nug is, the more CO2 was present during the flowering process of that particular plant. This is a good thing, because it denotes a healthy plant that produced high-quality flower. These are the type of nugs you'll need to use a grinder to really break apart in order to pack a nice bowl or roll into a blunt.

Now, don't confuse this with brick nugs. Brick nugs have been tightly packed for shipping, but aren't actually dense on their own. Brick weed tends to be really poor quality and not worth the money.


You want to go with bud that has been trimmed by hand, because those that were trimmed by machine have lost a lot of the trichomes that give the weed its potency. Nugs trimmed by machine look like pine trees and the whole batch will look more or less the same. Those that were trimmed by hand will all look different, because the grower was taking into account the genetics of the strain in order to determine where exactly to cut.

Stems and Seeds

Marijuana is a plant, so you can expect it to have stems. You can even save those to use later. What you don't want to see are steeds. This indicates low-quality bud that you don't want to waste your money on. Seeds are present when the male plant keeps on growing and pollinates the female plants around it. Once it starts making seeds, it's going to be focused more on growing in size and not on producing potent flowers.

Watch out for seeds.

Harvest Date

Now, this somewhat depend on the strain and the harvesting process. However, a good rule of thumb is to stick with buds harvested between 2 and 5 months prior to purchase. These have adequate time to dry out, but aren't TOO dry. Anything after six months is likely to be too dry, and anything within a month will likely not be dry enough.

Looking for high-energy, potent strains? << --- READ THAT! It's a pretty great list. I LOVE Super Silver Lemon Haze by Bondi and Green Crack by Creekside Cannabis (featured)

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