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Kusama launch August 2019

What is the Kusama network?

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Kusama is a completely independent network of Polkadot, but that will use the same software and will be launched to the real world producing its first Block this summer of August 2019 🚀
When it is said that it will be a totally independent network, it means that it is not a Polkadot parachain nor is it a testnet, much less a Fork or copy of Polkadot.

So Kusama is Kusama and will produce his first block this summer of 2019.

Are you ready and is it clear?

Polkadot is Polkadot and now a testnet is running, you can see how the blocks are produced here in this explorers

When Kusama is running on mainnet you can also see the blocks it in these browsers too.

Where can I see the Testnet of Kusama Sir?
You cannot see the Kusama testnet because it does not exist or will exist, it is an early, highly experimental version of Polkadot software.

What is a Canary network?

Is it a new Blockchain technology developed by Parity?

When talking about a Canary network in this case, it refers to the use of Kusama to warn of possible errors or potential dangers that may affect Polkadot, due to the early launch of Kusama over Polkadot and when using the same software we understand that the Canary network will warn if everything is going well and it is safe to continue to the Polkadot network and other future networks based on the same software.

Reason why Kusama is not a game and it is very important to follow its evolution.

Here a brief explanation of the use of the Canary as a sentinel in our history.
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Having clear the theme of the Canary network, we again point out that the plan is as follows and would look like this in the future “2 completely independent networks but based on the same Parity software”

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2 Fully independent networks but based on the same software.

The launch of kusama will be centralized and for approximately 1 month will function as a POA a centralized network and during this period the active Validators will not earn rewards, but the Staking modules will be enabled allowing users of the network to nominate, delegate and bound a node To announce the intention to be Validator for Kusama and move on to the list of Next validators up, on hold until the software update is performed and can validate, also the KSM transfers will be deactivated in this period and finally it should be noted that governance will be centralized in the WEB3 Foundation during the soft launch period.

After a while within the software launch period and once the network has between 50 and 100 well backed validators it will be then when the software upgrade of the Kusama network is performed and then the chain will be fully decentralized over its validators and all the functionalities of the Kusama network will be activated such as governance and KSM transfers, in short The W3F will no longer have control of the network and will therefore not be able to shut it down or control it.

How can I get KSM aka Kusama tokens?

The genesis distribution of the kusama tokens will be exactly like that of Polkadot, this means that if you have DOTs to participate in the sale, you have KSM in proportion:
“1 DOT =1 KSM”

Not participated in the sale and do not have DOT?

The WEB3 Foundation will use some of its funds to open a frictional faucet to claim KSM, here are the steps to apply for KSM.

Alternatively, after the launch of the genesis block, a public faucet and an application process will be available.
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