Kurecoin: The Blockchain Solution From Africa To The World

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Hello friends, today we would like to introduce a revolutionary project ,Kurecoin, that will change the lives of millions of people of Africa ,and lead to incredible impression globally. The visionary and progressive team behind the Kurecoin aims to resolve the countless issues regarding commercial services in Africa with the help of the blockchain technology. As the cryptocurrencies have become enormously popular recently all around the world, misperceptions of the crypto community members constitute serious challenges for the market and further development  and adaptation of the blockchain technology. According to the in-depth analysis of the Kurecoin team members, most of the people who are involved in the cryptocurrency market see cryptocurrencies as a way of investment and capital increase. Although cryptocurrencies have provided enormous profits for some of the members of the crypto community, it is significant to underline that cryptocurrencies are more than the general understanding. As the time goes by, huge potential of the existing projects and the blockchain technology have become clear, and at this point Kurecoin intends to enable the real-life usage of the cryptocurrencies contributing to further adoption of the blockchain technology. 

Kurecoin offers the decentralized KurecoinHUB ecosystem powered by the blockchain technology and proof of stake algorithm. Thanks to the sophisticated nature of the ecosystem, various exchange, banking as well as trading problems in the cryptocurrency world will be resolved to promote the real potential and competitive advantages of the cryptocurrencies. The team addresses the importance of the participants of ecosystem and community power as the platform, utility token of Kurecoin, and Kurecoin services will grow along with the community participation. Fundamentally, KurecoinHUB will enable the exchange of both fiat and cryptocurrencies, and most significantly, users will be able to benefit from the banking services of the platform. In addition to banking platform of the Kurecoin, the team aims to build Kure exchange that will offer unusual solutions to the problems derived from the complexity of the existing crypto exchanges. Kure exchange will provide user-friendly, secure and transparent cryptocurrency exchange experience with the availability of the massive amount of cryptocurrencies and advanced technology. Therefore, the overall contribution from the African countries to the cryptocurrency market will rise exponentially with the growth of the Kurecoin.     

Furthermore, the team introduces the KurePay as the advanced payment system with E-wallet, debit or credit card and payment gateway services powered by the blockchain technology. Users will be able to take advantage of the sophisticated transactions and dynamic currency conversion services of the KurePay. Also, E-commerce businesses, NGOs, SMEs and all other types of organization will enjoy the leading plug-in system of the KurePay. With the finalization of the KurePay, all the participants will be able to get access to their fiat or cryptocurrencies using their Kure Card.       Kurecoin supports the further adoption of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies revealing the enormous potential of them and building the KureChain shortly. Thus, Kurecoin solutions will contribute to the process of overcoming the current challenges and to the development and spread of the cryptocurrencies. Kurecoin’s blockchain revolution will start in Africa and become global in a short period.        


Token Sale  

Kurecoin introduces the KRC tokens as the utility token of the Kurecoin solutions. Holders of the KRC tokens will enjoy the growth of the Kurecoin as well as profit sharing program. Join the crowdsale and become a member of the Kurecoin’s blockchain revolution!  

Visit: https://kurecoinhub.io/app/   

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