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Hi Steemians,

Today I want to share with you the secret to success. It's so simple but it often gets overlooked.

Miracles Everywhere Look Non Miraculous

If you look around you, the majority of people can walk and talk. No surprises here.

But the act of using the lungs, air, tongue, mouth and vocal cords to talk is quite amazing. It was also an amazing feat to learn. Same can be said about the intricacies involved in walking.

But the problem is, you have forgotten the amount of hours, days and months practice that went in to learning this amazing skill.

And most likely, you were socialized to be competitive, comparing yourself to others. An effect of this is these great skills are perceived ordinary.

Just Play

So why could you learn a new language and defeat gravity at such a young age and then deliver only mediocre results later in life?

One thing is, back then you just played - There were no expectations, no comparisons, no ego.

You did it because you enjoyed it and you just kept trying.

That's the Secret

And that's it!

You only need to find what you love doing (even if you are no good at it) and just keep playing - and don't stop.

This is the real definition of Kung Fu.

Accelerate Your Progress

And of course if you wish to accelerate your progress, the best way is to have a mentor. After all, as a babe, you did have mum and dad to mimic.


Up Voting

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Be sure to write some comments if you have any questions or simply wish to leave feedback.

Keep playing,
Sifu Jordan
(Don't Worry, Relax, Be Happy, Concentrate and Do Your Best)

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