The Bio-electric Snake Boogie or Kundalini Can Bite

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This is what I like about social media -- instant feedback. I've been told my symptoms could be related to shingles as well. Looking into that, I admit it could be what's happening. I was vaccinated as a child for chickenpox and suffered an outbreak as a result. As I've never experienced this before now, I related it to things I have experienced and it seemed to exhibit qualities of sun burns and burns in general. I am performing exercises which have been known to arouse an energy called Kundalini so that was my hypothesis. Maybe this is Kundalini going the wrong direction.

I am now saying shingles could very well be the culprit. I have uncovered a resource that discusses natural remedies for this situation so if you have had unexplained outbreaks like this, try the natural options FIRST, and stay away from the Dr. Mengeles at the local health clinic who are just allopathic drug pushers.

This is the second time I've experienced this phenomenon in the last four months. The first time was more severe – I was almost unable to walk for a day from the pain and had to call off work two days in a row. I told them I'd fallen off a ladder and landed directly on my left knee. When you saw what my knee looked like, that explanation was completely plausible.

But I hadn't fallen off a ladder. I hadn't experienced any kind of blunt or impact trauma at all. I have been doing "stuff" for the last seven years, almost daily – but I admit I miss days, sometimes several in a row but I always come back to the work. I must. Because if I don't, the severe muscular armoring I'm afflicted with will kill me like a constrictor snake tightening down, a relentless indefatigable extinguishing of the life force that proceeds until there is nothing left to keep the body alive. It's a fight to the death. So far, I'm not sure who is winning. It's touch-and-go at all times.

In reference to that "stuff" I've been doing daily (for the most part) since about 2011, I am putting myself through the initiatory process as prescribed by the most influential Rosicrucian Society in Western history: the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The goal of the Western Esoteric Tradition (WET) is the same one which the Eastern Tradition aims for: Union with God. In the West, it's called Alchemy. In the East, Yoga.

Alchemy is associated with the quest to turn base metals like lead into gold. There is a branch of alchemy concerned with doing this. Real, Hermetic Alchemy is an internal process. Here's a clue: in real alchemy, YOU are the lead spoken of. Think about that for awhile and it'll start becoming clear what alchemy is.

My daily curriculum has revolved around a 20-minute period of meditation where the goal is maintaining strict stillness of the body using the Silva 3-to-1 method to put myself into Alpha while listening to brain entrainment programs which take the brain deeper than Alpha. Then I go through a series of Asanas (yoga poses) which I've designed to attack the soft tissue with and wrestle it off the skeleton, breaking the armoring. Then I perform what Crowley called Liber Resh, a ritual to celebrate and acknowledge the Sun on its four-station journey across the sky every day. I've modified this rite to use Hebrew God forms rather than Egyptian. Then I do the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram (LRP). The "New Age" calls this the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram which is wrong – the Golden Dawn never called it this. It is a ritual that can be used in both banishing and in invocation (calling forth the Divine). I use it in the invocation form. I want to draw down the Divine into my circle, not banish it. After the Pentagram Ritual, I perform the Middle Pillar Ritual, which builds the middle pillar on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life into the operator's Sphere of Sensation (or Aura). I close with hailing the Lord of the Universe, do a Tarot card pick for the day and write my results in the magical diary.

During the 20-minute meditation, I visualize circulation of energy between the root chakra and the 3rd Eye, flowing up the spine and down the trunk. This is called the microcosmic orbit of Taoism; it and the Middle Pillar Ritual are both stimulating my root chakra. The Kundalini lies dormant in the root chakra, coiled like a snake according to Hindu lore.

When the Kundalini awakens, it is suppose to travel up the spine into the 3rd Eye and Crown chakra, triggering Christ Consciousness. In my case, it has inverted and traveled like scorching lightning down my left leg, grounding out in the soles.

Now let me cover what is really weird about my injuries and which seems to indicate a Kundalini misfire is the most likely culprit. First, this energy originated in one place and traveled to another place as the thick red tracing on my skin surface described. It was like a red ribbon of sunburn, completely visible all the way down my leg, from the crotch (exactly adjacent to where the root chakra is said to "exist" in the body) down the top of the thigh to "splatter" into the knee and redirect to the outside of my calf terminating on the top of my foot.


In both instances, my knee became inflamed and sunburn red. When I showered, the affected areas would sting just like a sunburn under the hot spray. The large patch of burst capillaries that formed on the outside of my calf this time was the color of pooled blood, more purple than red and there were what looked like blisters all over the skin. Everything about this spontaneous injury was burn-like, not blunt trauma or abrasion-like.

Both times, after the healing began reversing everything, the hide covering my kneecap came off in potato chip-sized peels, just like after a sunburn. The skin that came off my knee was thick, not the snakey-paper peels that come off your shoulders because of sun damage.

There is no doubt in my mind that whatever caused my leg to do what it did, some form of energy was responsible. This wasn't an infection. It was an energy burn. Kundalini is characterized as hot energy on top of everything else. I've read about other cases of Kundalini going the wrong direction and hitting blockages in the nerve conduction pathways. Other people have had much more serious and painful experiences as a result so I'm lucky my experience was mild on the scale of bad to worse. Some people might stop immediately at this point. Not I. This is very exciting because it is proof that Kundalini is a real energy locked inside of everyone and that certain practices tend to "awaken" this energy if indulged in persistently. That word persistently is important. It means every day possible forever. At least, until you die. Never forget: By Names and Images are all Powers awakened and reawakened.

I know at the very least that what I am doing is having a real and measurable effect on my body. Something is starting to happen. Now I need to step it up, not pull it back. I need to begin the grade work of the Five Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Spirit). Balancing the five elements of the ancients in the aura is the work of the Outer Order.

This is an on-going report. I will be publishing detailed instructions on how to perform the LRP and the Middle Pillar shortly.