Kucoin exchange and profit sharing

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Hi all
So I joined kucoin on Saturday and invested in 45 coins. Not a lot but well over the 6 minimum needed to receive the bonus.

Its now Wednesday and no bonus, or response to ny support ticket.

Has anyone else used kucoin?
Have you received your bonus?
If so, how long did you have to wait?

Im thinking of trying another exchange.
Thanks everyone.


Lightningbolt is usually a very good bot, but yesterday it skipped me for the first time:
If steemd.com does not open the link you can replace steemd.com with one of the other blockchain explorers.
I sent it 0.03 and got no vote and no refund.
In your defense, some but not all of the other good bots that I use either skipped me too, or ceased to operate.
I prefer a refund over a manual vote.
Manual votes usually turn to be bad.

@stimialiti Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I upvoted and sent a refund.

Back to buying votes with lightningbolt.
Removing the 5 days limit will improve it even more.
Claiming rewards a few seconds before each voting cycle will also improve its energy consumption and blockchain consumption.
As it is, it is still a top 10 bidbot to use.

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Spam fighters like grumpycat etc have made themselves king and set laws of the land that include voting days. He wants 3.5. I choose 5 as the are plenty of 6 days out there and dont want to make myself a target.

If u read carefully what he wrote, you could see he does not even pretend to be a spam fighter and if u check his and checkthisout's profiles in depth, u could see that he is in fact a spammer.
Going even more in depth will show you that the person behind him is also a plagiarizer.
And if you checked both his statements and his actions, u could see he rarely targeted the bots themselves or their owners.
He targets the customers.
And his initial ultimatum was not to all bidbots, but only to specific bidbots he listed.
And practically, he can not afford to effectively flag even 10% of the customers of the bots which he did not name at 10% of his power without draining himself to near zero.

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Hello there. I'm sorry i can only answer today. Been waiting for my account to be validated :P

Kucoin, yes i have been using the platform. So far, i have nothing to complain, and for me , the time and effort that they put in to communications and security is a point in favor.

I also own some Kucoin Shares for the bonus purpose, and in my experience they pay everything, but with a small to medium delay. If not mistaken, they sent an announcement concerning the shares, that they were improving the rewards system, and we could feel delays on the payments.

When i first bought the shares, took about 48h to update in my Kucoin Share Bonus Explore. After that, i notice that payments in delay were being sent.

So yes, the bonus works, and you can compare the daily earnings with the amount of volume that existed in the platform for the day. Sometimes we just need to wait a bit. Just buy the shares and hold a bit to them.

Right now, i can say that i haven't been payed in the past 3 days, but i know that maybe tomorrow or couple days, things will be on point again.

Hope i helped. Cheers.

Edit: Support Tickets also have a priority to be answered , and i believe that in the same announcement , they said that with this information, tickets concerning bonus would not be priority. That is maybe why yours haven't been answered. Cheers