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We are KStarCoin!

What are we doing?
Our project will be able to create value for the fans of K-Pop/Hallyu. Using blockchain technology, we will be able to accurately reward users that create value. For example, any activity that generates traffic (such as creating content, reading, sharing) will be rewarded. Currently, fans of Hallyu are creating valuable, high-quality content on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and etc. But, the monetary value is retained by the platforms. Through our platform, we will distribute value in a logical and proper manner.

"Content = Traffic = Value -> Traffic Generators"

Why are we doing it?
Over the past two years, KStarLive acted as a media platform for fans of K-Pop all around the world. Our services focused on non-Korean fans that had difficulty finding content or information in English. Also, it allowed foreign fans to exchange and engage with each other in a manner that they have not been able to previously. Though our approach, over a period of two years, KStarLive was able to build a follower base of over 8.5 million users around the world.

What is KStarCoin?
KStarcpom is KStarLive's ERC20 based cryptocurrency that will enable KStarLive to create an incentivized fan-based platform. By integrating KStarCoin in KStarLive's community, we will be able to provide to our users' community activity rewards as well as services and products such as having K-Pop concerts or fan meeting crowdfunding, K-Pop concert ticket sales, K-Star goods, and methods for overseas fans to send gifts to their favorite stars.

Whats with the AirDrop?

We are giving out airdrops every month to all users and also bonuses at our Telegram community.
Please join us at https://t.me/joinchat/JGyT-0ZPyVo8ODy1UoSRLg

ALSO, please participate in our bounty programs, which can be found at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4595272.new#new or https://medium.com/@KStarCoin/kstarcoin-july-bounty-program-9761ea35e20bKStarCoin Logo.png

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Thanks for sharing, interesting airdrop!

After doing your own research, also finding good ICO projects can be profitable.

I want to share with you guys a new exciting project I have just discovered: RAWG.

Check out this great article by Sergey Ulankin, RAWG's Editor-in-Chief, where he explains what has been done so far and what will be the future updates:


The ICO will start in a short period, and they are at the moment in pre-ICO phase. This is the site: https://token.rawg.io/. It's a video game discovery platform that converts your skills into goods and services (the site is already working, with more than 57,000 games in the database).

Have a look and get some information while doing your own research :)

Another interesting point: RAWG has already secured $5m USD, halfway to hard cap of $10m!