Why I play Kerbal Space programm(from a programmers perspective)

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As a programmer it makes sence to play games based on logic. So this post will show you, why I primarily play Kerbal Space Programm to train my brain a bit.

What is Kerbal Space Program?

KSP(the short form of the games name) is a physics based rocket building game, where your soul goal is to explore all of the solar system. Obviously building these rockets need s a lot of thought. Sometimes I actually find myself spending ours into the game, doing nothing but looking for the perfect spacecraft to get into Orbit.

By the way, ifyou want to get proof this game isn't just randomly put together and hasn't got any logical value, Elon Musk(the owner of SpaceX) once said that he really liked the game for how good it was at explaining such a topic.

Why it actually prepares you for coding

Kerbal is awesome to prepare you for coding, because you'll have many(and I mean load) of failed attemps launching rockets into orbit, to the moon or wherever, which is great. Because it prepares you for the frustration you'll have debugging a programm where you just can't find the mistake and how good it feels to finaly find the mistake in the end.

Aren't convinced yet?

No problem, I actually decided to do some live streams on it(I mean I allready play it like at least 2 hours a day) to show you how much fun you can have with it and how it can train your brain.

Also if you want to find a game to relax after a coding session, I can really recommend Enter The Gungeon, as it can really reduce stress levels (at least for me) and just is a great game.


Hi, I found some acronyms/abbreviations in this post. This is how they expand:

KSP*Kerbal Space Program*, the rocketry simulator

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I think that game belongs to it's own genre: "problem solving simulator". It's great.

You're right, that describes it pretty well

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