Samarinda islamic center mosque

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Samarinda Islamic Mosque Mosque is a mosque located in Lerong Ulu Bay village, Samarinda City, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, which is the grandest mosque and the second largest in Southeast Asia after Istiqlal Mosque. [Need a reference] With the foreground of the Mahakam river, this mosque has a tower and a huge dome that stands upright.

The mosque has a building area of ​​43,500 square meters. For the supporting building area is 7115 square meters and the basement floor area of ​​10,235 square meters. While the ground floor of the mosque area of ​​10,270 square meters and the main floor area of ​​8,185 square meters. While the mezzanine floor area (balcony) is 5,290 square meters. This location was formerly a former sawmill area owned by PT Inhutani I which was then granted to the East Kalimantan Provincial Government.

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The building of this mosque has as many as 7 towers where the main tower as high as 99 meters which means asmaul husna or the names of Allah number 99. The main tower consists of building 15 floors of each floor as high as an average of 6 meters. Meanwhile, the stairs from the ground floor to the main floor of the mosque amounted to 33 steps. This amount is deliberately equated with one-third the number of beads.