Superior Coin attends a Blockchain event in Honduras

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Superior coin attended a blockchain conference in Honduras. Superior coin will be attending all week. Below are the photos of todays Event.






I hope you come and join us as we spread the word of Superior Coin.

If you havent joined I would like to invite you to join Kryptonia and the best part it is FREE to join!


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You have to up your game when it comes to event booths. I would also have model dressed similarly to Wonder Woman blazing the Superior Coin icon. Face it your top demographic is male with geek-like tendencies. And who wouldn't want to meet Superior Woman
Superior Woman.png

wow, congrats! greetings from kryptonia

wow, congrats! Nice initiative, keep going

greetings from kryptonia

Hi, the first tag is wrong. @kryptonia

First tag to my knowledge you cannot alter nor correct. Please correct me if I am wrong.

i dont know :(

thanks wouldnt let me change the first tag so i just added it instead

Kryptonia is going to great let work for them

This is a very engaging activity for superiorcoins. Keep going!

Together we can make it superiorcoin

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