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Thorex is an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform backed by Dragon Mining Technology and Bitcoiin2Gen. Thorex is a revolutionary part of the B2G digital ecosystem, and it gives the power to swap between B2G and altcoins quickly. The whole idea behind the Thorex is to complete the B2G'S self-sustaining ecosystem that can provide instant B2G exchange services to the buyers and sellers.

Thorex is a leading and promising purpose-based exchange for offering B2G exchange services. Thorex will be providing an instant and seamless exchange of B2G into top altcoins and Fiat currencies at the best market rate.

Thorex charges fixed fees of 1.5% on every successful transaction irrespective of the volume and the nature (buy or sell) of the transaction.

Thorex offers safe and fast transactions while keeping user identities secure and private. Thorex is a team of experienced professionals in financial technology, security engineering, software development, trading, and finance.

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