Kryptonia Upvote Bot is now live!

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Kryptonia Tasks

You can now get Upvotes on your Steemit posts from @Kryptoniabot

  1. Run a task on Kryptonia
    *For those who want to join the growing community, get your free account here: Kryptonia Kryptonia Account
  2. Use the tags #KRYPTONIA & #SUPERIORCOIN in your Steemit post for 100% vote.
  3. Have a Steemit reputation score above 25.
  4. The bot looks for new tasks on Kryptonia every few hours so make sure you add enough cycles to your task so that the bot finds it before it is expired.

    For Upvotes , Resteem and comment from task on Kryptonia it is recommended to run 100 cycles and at least 5 SUP for the payout of the task completion.

    If you need more SUP for hosting tasks on Kryptonia you can:

    1. Complete tasks for other Kryptonians (There is a hold Period for release of those SUP)
    2. Mine SUP on your laptop or PC. See Mining pool
    3. Purchase SUP on BTC-Alpha, Southxchange or
    4. Buy SUP for SBD/STEEM HERE

    Remember not every one will upvote you but the investment will get you a very nice return on the % of people that do upvote you. You can go and revoke the ones that didn't if you feel like it's worth your time doing so. This will help the community to weed out the bad actors by giving them a lower score.

    You can make tasks based on user reputation , user activity and other filters.

    If you get a upvote from the Bot you should see a message like this below according to if some triggers we have.

    Example Post Comment

    Delegate Steem Power

    If you have any questions or issues with the Bot the send e.mail to [email protected] or go to the Superior Coin Website and use the button at the bottom Right of screen to create a ticket.

    More information about Superior Coin at Website

    SydesJokes Blog

    Share your Steemit Posts on --> SIGNUP HERE#SuperiorCoin with #Kryptonia = #Upvotes on #Steemit


Congratulations! You received a 100% upvote from @kryptoniabot.

Remember to receive votes from @kryptoniabot

  1. Run a task on Kryptonia.
    *For those who want to join the growing community, get your free account here: Kryptonia Account
  2. Use the tags KRYPTONIA or SUPERIORCOIN in your Steemit post.
  3. Steemit reputation score above 25.

So awesome that this is up and running to support the Kryptonia community. Love it. @energyaddict22

Upvote and Comment this post to share the post reward. Resteem to share news about the Bot with others would be great but not essential to share in the payout.

Excelente esta iniciativa, todos podemos ser parte de ella

GREAT NEWS! Thank you VERY much for letting everyone know! I have to start to make posts again and I will VERY proudly utilize the Upvote Bot! I'm VERY proudly resteeming, commenting, upvoting and following! All the VERY best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

I am so happy with the Kryptonia bot upvote! Very healpful to the newbies like me!!! :)

Oh....this is a nice upgrade

Great initiative and a fantastic idea, thanks for being a blessing to this platform

Usually I’m not a fan of bots on the Steemit platform and haven’t found it to be worth it to pay for bots but I’ve gotta admit this is definitely one exception an a great use of a bot in order to give back to the Steemit community instead of just further fostering whale abuse!

Great article and it's a great thing kryptonia is doing to help minnows earn more from steemit.

You are it will really be of help to minors like us. Started following you so I can see your awesome post boss

Excellent stuff and I have already had some upvotes from the bot.
Kryptonia ID socialmediaseo

Wow this is great Colin ! Kryptonia is growing :)
Great post as always! thanks

Great showcase for superior coin and their platform Kryptonia!

Great initiative

Started following you. news

buenas noticias

I finally joined this week. My mom @fitinfun has been telling me to sign up, so now I am in. I don't get it yet, but I'm sure I will. Thank you!

I'm so thrilled with this plan. Resteemed and tweeted.

Please lay off for a few days and get your power up to help us all!
What is Your Steemit Voting Power and Why Does it Matter?

Very good news.

I am very grateful for this because it increases the reward i get for my posts. rubelynmacion of krypto

I look forward to been a Part of this . Thanks

Gran iniciativa creo entender a pesar de que mi inglés es bastante deficiente. Mi voto de confianza a Kryptonia @xintoe

This is very good news, It's nice to receive votes!
I like how this bots rewards its users!

This is something I suggest you look in to.

Сейчас попробую настроить бота. Я там уже зарегистрирован.

I'll try to figure it out.

You have posted on a significant story. I have signed up and result is good. I ask all my steemit friends to signup it. It is very usefull for me?

Yes use your referral link to get people to sign up.

Muy interesante este nuevo bot que puede ayudar a la comunidad!

I really love the idea....kryptonia is going way up...

A big help to all...I am hopeful that @kryptonia will also notice me,
Thanks @sydesjokes

Thank you for offering a new option with @kriptonia

As always, I thank you for your valuable support

Excelente iniciativa y de gran ayuda para los que comienzan en steemit... Éxitos¡

Hi @sydesjokes , but, @kryptonia will continue upvotes posts or only @kryptoniabot?

wow! @sydesjokes this bot is amazing, thanks for support de kryptonia community!

kryptonia is helpful. great potential

Kryptonia is growing

Kryptonia using Superior Coin is a win, win situation when sharing posts, into Steemit.

Great to see the bot is up and running, congrats to the Team for always helping everyone!

Still getting my head around all this but it sure is interesting and anything to spread the word about Kryptonia and SUP is good.@bon-nom

Well done!
Kryptonia @nexit

Nice, thank you very much for the info!

I can't explain how kryptonia is helping people to make steemit so easy to do Kryptonia @bodymanual

how to make sure you add enough cycles?

It depends how much you offer for each Task.

i like @Kryptonia bot .it is very interesting.i am happy to join this bot

Great news. Little by Little, we are moving forward.

I think this is a welcome initiative to receive upvote from Kryptonia bot. I am still learning the duration period it takes for SUP of completed taskto be released. Some of my completed tasks have been on hold for quite too long.

Wish I was smarter with these :(

The leadership of @Kryptonia and @SuperiorCoin continue to find new ways to help the people that help them and they don't mind sharing the wealth.

I have been benefitting from this for a while now. The upvote bot is an awesome benefit and typical of the type of developers at Kryptonia.

Thank you very much, guys!

From Kryptonia

Very nice post and explained in detail. Kryptonia ID:kcherukuri

thank you very much @sydesjokes for your importante post. I liked kryptonia. Thank you so much for your gift for me (superior coin). I write my post about kryptonia today. Have a good day!

My kryptonia ID is @cryptomatt :)

very useful post.thanks for sharing [email protected] parthakp

Really informative post about sp coin. Kryptonia id is tarek4545

This is a great developement for the community. Congratulations to the Sup team..kryptonia ID @mawmaw

even with just 50% upvote, it is a huge help for newbies like me

Excellent support also from @kriptonia

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