Checkout the new Kryptonia Beta site and earn Cryptocurrency for doing Tasks

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New Kryptonia Beta site

The new Kryptonia Beta site is now online where you can check the latest UI and Features. The old site is still available for you to use. Both sites use the same backend database. If you have any issues with the Beta site report them in the #kryptonia channel on Discord.

What is new in the Beta?

This new version has:

  • Dramatically improved UX, clearly optimized for mobile devices as well as full-size browsers.
  • Clearly defined ‘Task’ area which makes it easier for Internet Marketers to post tasks to do and much easier for Freelancers to scan for what tasks they want to accomplish
  • Improved Wallet matching the newest Upgrade to SuperiorCoin Version 13.1
  • More Social and easier to connect and collaborate with like-minded people on the same path.
  • Seamless integration with the super cool content platform!
  • Highest security yet available so your coins and wallet are safe, from devious attacks.

Check the new Task Categories

Now you can set a category for Tasks so that it is easy to filter Tasks.

1. Create a new Task.

2. Enter task details and then select the Category.

3. Check the Categeory image.

4. Select Task filter from top left of the main Task page.

4. Select the Category you want to filter on.

5. You will then see a list of the active Tasks for that Category (You will not see your own Tasks in the list).

6. There is also a "Custom" field that Freelancers can use to look for specific Freelancing Tasks.

I will count the post rewards over a 7 day period for all my posts and payout 50% of the SBD every Sunday for all the comments/resteems/upvotes. In order to receive the Weekly Payout you will need to register for a account and then fill out this FORM.



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The Task Category is now auto-filled on the Beta based on the Task URL and you can still set to another category.

Congratulations @sydesjokes ! You received a 1% upvote from @kryptoniabot & @kryptonia for your task of 10000 SUP Today.

Remember to receive votes from @kryptoniabot

Run a task on Kryptonia.*Join free here Kryptonia Account
Use the tags KRYPTONIA or SUPERIORCOIN in your Steemit post.

Delegate to the Kryptonia Upvote by clicking links: 10SP , 50SP , 100SP , 500SP , 1000SP

Due to an increased amount of tasks, we have changed up the voting power to evenly spread out the Upvote amount.

I have an account maybe I can earn more now.....

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Yes and you can blog at and earn SUP there as well.

I will make an account! Thanks for sharing...

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Once you have an account you can blog at and earn SUP there as well.

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