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  1. All of the coins that you received from doing tasks, connecting social media accounts and referral rewards are on-hold for not less than 14 days.

  2. An only active referral will be recorded in your referral table.

  3. If your referral has the UNVERIFIED status that person should confirm the SuperiorCoin Email Verification that being sent to his email. And if in case he accidentally deleted the verification the referrer can send new verification to his email.

  4. If your referral has the UNCONFIRMED status that means he did not finish the setup or links his social media account.

  5. For those users who have no REFERRER, they can choose any user and set it as his REFERRER. Just go to your profile image top right side and click REFERRALS OR ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

  6. If you think your completer did not follow your task instructions, you can revoke him within 14 days only. The effect of that is his both Activity score and Reputation will go down.

  7. You can revoke and block a completer in your task that means you completely not allowing him to do your future tasks.

  8. The task will stay active for only five (5) days.

  9. If you entered the wrong password for three (3) times, you cannot log in within one (1 ) hour.

  10. If your account is disabled/banned, you have to contact directly our support via email: [email protected]

  11. You can now use your Facebook account to create an account on Kryptonia.

  12. You can create your group chat.

  13. If you see CONNECTION in your profile it means two-way relationships between you as a (follower) and your follower.

  14. Always use #SUPERIORCOIN AND #KRYPTONIA in your articles if you want to get higher upvotes from our Kryptonia Bot.

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Great article

I'm beginning to love this thing.

Thank you. This is good info.

Thank you so much @reonlouw!

Great article.

Thanks for another explanatory article @riyuwe

You're welcome @joanstewart! I just want to be helpful.

Thanks for sharing. Upvoted!

You're welcome @rose122020.

awesome article! thanks for sharing @riyuwe. looking forward for more tips. will start using #superiorcoin as tag.
from Kryptonia @atoy23

Thank you! I will write more tips in the near future.

Nice one keep it up.

Thanks! More to go.

love your post! it's useful.

Thank you! I hope it helps you 😊😊

Wow! this is an awesome article. thank you for the insights. Superior coin to the

kryptonia @psychkrhoz

I was trying to be helpful to our users.

Great tips for newbies. Thank you for doing such. Upvoted, commented and resteemed by rubelynmacion

I hope that all our newbies will read this.

great guidelines :D

Thanks for this post @riyuwe. It's really sad when I see my completers did not do the task I created but took my SUP and my task has already expired. I can no longer revoke them.
@avon.grace from Kryptonia

Sis, you can still revoke a completer even your task is expired.

thank you very good notification friends

Thank you so much!

This is so informative, @riyuwe. I've learned something from this. I didn't know that a task will only be active for 5 days!!!
@gingbabida from Kryptonia.

Yes, it will be active for 5 days only but you re-run again your expired task.

thank you for sharing

You're welcome! I made this article for you guys to know.

Great article. Kryptonia @bmejia

interesting post. Kryptonia id @jamescrusader

lovely article... from kryptonia @everdope

Thank you so much!

great article @grace234

Very useful informations. Thank you 😊

Thank you for sharing :) It help a lot ..

Yes, I have to agree with some of the comments I read, that this is a good article, it really is. It explains a few things I didn't really know, like a Task only remains active for 5 days which is good because it clears some really old ones out of the que. Signing up through Facebook is a good feature. Again, a really good post.


Thank you so much for your comment @fhstralow. I just want to give heads up to everyone about it. Kryptonia has so much to offer in the near future.

How do you make a group chat?

Hi @omitaylor! Please see attached photos.


Kryptonia   Dashboard (10).png

As a stumbling Newbie, I welcome this information, have read it, and will tread carefully. Thanks for the low-down. Wish I knew enough to know what to ask, but I don’t so it’s trial-and-error for me.

Hi @leftyronbo! Welcome to Kryptonia. You can ask questions directly to me. Here's my Kryptonia username: @riyuwe. I can help you further for more of your concerns.

Easy for you to say. How do I message on For that matter, how do I message followers on Steemit? Appreciate the help.

In Kryptonia, we have chat message there. Follow your friends there and start messaging each other. Some users in Kryptonia have social media connected to the site.
In Steemit, you can send memo by giving any amount of sbd or steem. 😊😊😊

Thanks, Riyuwe.

Great article

Thanks for the info

Good info, I didn't know a few of the things you point out.

Thanks for this nice post. My kryptonia id @ofili2

This will really help me a lot as a newbie. Thanks. @iam_dayf from krypotonia.

That is very helpful information. I did not even know you had a bot! Do I need to use both tags for access to this bot or just one?

I'm coming to you from @kryptonia with the same user name.
I normally do not take offers that require resteeming, but I decided to do a trial of it on Sundays for a few weeks to see how it goes.
I have 3900 steemit followers, so maybe this will help your visibility.

Thank you for resteeming @fitinfun! You can use both tags to get highest upvotes. We are currently updating the Kryptonia bot now. As an admin of Kryptonia, I need to give tips to lessen hows and what-ifs of our users.

You can follow me also in Kryptonia with the same username.

really helps..@jezz90

thanks a lot for posting about that :D really!

Nice post :)

Thanks for the great info @riyuwe! As a kryptonia newb this is very helpful, @edgarbevens is happy to be part of the community!

Great info

Thank you so much!

Thanks for sharing.. I learned something! id @joyce86

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