How to get started with Steemit/Kryptonia/bitcoin

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Many people ask about crypto and how they can be part of it and make a few $ on the side, hedge theirselves from the uncertain economic future ahead.

I will put here a list of things that someone living in the USA should do, many apply also to the rest of the world.

  1. Open a Coin base account , here is the link so we both get a reward for you signing up. Coinbase. By using this link we both get $10 in BTC free after your first purchase of $100. You will need to verify your identity by snapping a picture of your Drivers license and enter your personal info.

  2. Link your bank account or debit card to your CoinBase account to be able to purchase $100 in BitCoin. This will also let you cash out from bitcoin to your bank in the future.

  3. Download the Shift Card App and link to coinbase. You will need to sign up with a browser as it seems to work better than using the APP. The debit card will deduct $20 from your CoinBase account and send you a debit card in 5-10 days.

  4. Signup to Steemit, it will take 7-10 days for your account to be verified. Once verified start your first blog post. Check out and follow @kryptonia and @kryptoniabot , be sure to tag SuperiorCoin or Kryptonia in the blog where it says tags.

  5. Signup to Kryptonia By using this referral link we both get 100 free SuperiorCoins. Here you will be given your first task free, sponsored by Kryptonia, so dont skip it when signing up. Use the steemit blog link you wrote for this. There is an android app you can use Here

  6. Do task for other people that will pay you in SuperiorCoin for each completion, and you can later (after 14 days) use them for running more task.

  7. If you did all of this you will get a upvote from the kryptoniabot and kryptonian team. The 100% upvote is worth several $.

  8. This is a few week process but you will be well on your way to becoming a expert. Below I will show what you have managed to do and some tips.

A. You will have signed up to a gateway between your bank and Bitcoin.
B. You will have a Debit Card to spend BitCoin Directly.
C. You will have $80 in Bitcoin.
D. You will be able to start blogging about things you love all the while earning money.
C. You will be a active member of Kryptonia, receive upvotes from the bot and be able to promote your steemit blog or any other thing imaginable using your SuperiorCoins.
D. Have SuperiorCoin in your account for free in Kryptonia.

Tips. If you need more SuperionCoin you can purchase on SouthXchange or Btc-Alpha , remember you will earn by doing task, this is for buying to get a jump start and not wait 14 days for the ones you earned doing task, to release.

You can also use those exchanges to sell SUP for BTC and send to your coinbase for cashing out to FIAT (what we call paper money).

The first few months that you earn Steem on steemit I would recommend powering up (see in wallet of steemit how to do this) this way you can upvote your own post and people that leave you comments. By upvoting others blogs and comments you will gain more friends and followers.

Once you would like to sell your steem or steem dollars for BTC and make purchases using your SHIFT card, use blocktrades to covert to BTC and send to your coinbase App.

Remeber dont buy more with FIAT (your bank account) than you are able to loose. I recommend $20 a week or so as a savings account.

Spend your bitcoin or other crypto only when you need them , else HODL and let grow.

You can download a SuperiorCoin wallet in Android from google play store here

I am sure I could write much more but this is the basics that I explained to my Grandfathers nutritional expert this week at the Hospital. Cheers to Svetlana Gavrilova. Check out her website, and many thanks for her support to my Grandfather.

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Good summary of the cool benefits of Kryptonia. Thanks for getting more people involved.

Congratulations! You received a 100% upvote from @kryptoniabot.

Remember to receive votes from @kryptoniabot

  1. Run a task on Kryptonia.
    *For those who want to join the growing community, get your free account here: Kryptonia Account
  2. Use the tags KRYPTONIA or SUPERIORCOIN in your Steemit post.
  3. Steemit reputation score above 25.

Very nice summary! I'm doing most of this and just need to open a SouthXchange or Btc-Alpha account now in order to trade my SUP coins. I am very happy to have some to worry about thanks to @kryptonia :)

Btc Alpha trades pretty fast, but both are OK, southxchange was the first exchange and has been very helpful.

Good ideas here, thanks!

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Good explanation. I want to upvote the post but it's a two month old post so it's a waste to do so. Still a great read though.

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This is a great, succinct, start up guide. I hope your nutritionist takes your advice right away! I couldn't get you a referral bonus since I already have Coinbase and Kryptopia, but I'm glad I stumbled upon your task. I am a health practitioner too and did not know about Healthie. I've got some homework to do!

The referrals bonus mentions is more so you know how to properly share also, look up your codes and share away.

You can also use those exchanges to sell SUP for BTC and send to your coinbase for cashing out to FIAT (what we call paper money).

great info

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PD: i came here from kryptonia task

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

You will be a active member of Kryptonia, recieve upvotes from the bot and be able to promote your steemit blog or any other thing imaginable using your SuperiorCoins.
It should be receive instead of recieve.

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got a different question if i may ask. My complezezd tasks are still pending since quite a while...anything i may do about it? And sorry clicked completed but i guess i have done the steps already only that u won't receive any SUP :D

Task take 14 days to to unfreeze coins, bonus coins 6 months, referrals also take I believe 14 days. Thanks for your comment.

i have transactions which are pending since April 14th. Maybe I did something wrong?

Nice article. I wish I had read this when I first started steemit.

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Excelente lo voy a compartir para que muchos la vean aunque aquí en Venezuela no se si eso funciona. Me gustaría saber si aquí se puede hacer

I wonder what SuperionCoin is and why it is needed. It took me over 3 weeks to be accepted at Steemit and I doubt if people without an account will read this post at all. I got the idea a lot of what you describe is way easier living in the USA as it is in Europe. If it comes to upvoting your own posts I was told this is pointless esp if you are new and your vote is worth zero

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