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When one uses marketing to expand reach, and to increase a brands influence around the internet every tool counts. Krytonia uses tasks that are setup to be help with the need to increase your reach.

Here is a list of our tasks.

People then complete these tasks via krytonia, and here is what you can achieve. First if the task goes to your website blog URL you get a visit, and then the activity the visit generates.

So as you can see we have received over 1,000 visits within the last 30 days. Now the task has been the same for the most part, and that is to share on any social media of your choice.

You can see that in March there is a noticeable difference. Here is some breakdown with the 30 day window.

So as you can see if you own and operate a website it is worth your time. Right now Kryptonia uses Superior Coin, and this translate into a few cents to promote a post, and to get the extra reach. So take the time, and signup for your free account, and start getting more eyes on your articles, and website today.

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Yeheyy, we are growing in numbers. Kryptonia will be the next most visited crypto-community website besides steemit.


Great article. Kryptonia has helped my Twitter activity.

Great @sydesjokes.

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Glad you enjoyed @christiano199.

Good look into the back office of how Kryptonia is moving content to a variety of places @johngentry

Glad you found it useful @joanstewart.

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Nice post!
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Dear @johngentry,
thank you for the informative post, it adds me more knowledge about kryptonia. This is being resteem by @sorenkierkegaard

Thank you @sorenkierkegaard.

Thanks for sharing this very informative post. From [email protected]

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Great article. You can use kryptonia in so many ways. Nice idea on making kryptonia too.

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hmmm kryptonia has boost you site traffic and gives you happiness. kryptonia has help you to achieve your goals. @kantzone from kryptonia

Kryptonia is actually a great setup for sites/pages/businessto promote or market.

Thank you for sharing this @johngentry! I am resteeming this.

Glad you enjoyed @jassennessaj.

SUP to the moon....

Thanks for that very interesting post. Kryptonia Id @ankarlie

This is true, I love using kryptonia because it is the best tool to promote post and also to gain upvotes. From jason21 of kryptonia

Definitely a very interesting coin!
Worth learning more about ..

Kryptonia is a wonderful concept indeed.


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the numbers are really impessive!

I have only scratched the surface with Kryptonia. It has been a fun journey thus far and I look forward to seeing how it develops.

Thank you for a great post. Hope more people sign up as a result. Everyone on Steemit should be on Kryptonia!