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Kblog what you need to join this blockchain blogging platform

Kblog is designed to work similar to Steemit, if you have used blockchain blogging platforms you will be quite at home. Kblog is currently in Beta phase, join now, launched for the future!

KBlog Kryptonia

Kblog you will be able to join if you are not yet a member of Kryptonia, however to make use of the many facilities on offer I suggest using Kryptonia. Sign up for Kryptonia Account

Already have a Kryptonia account, sign into Kblog using your email and password used when logging into Kryptonia on http://kblog.io should be https://kblog.io within the next day or two, as mentioned still in Beta.

Kryptonia is a community building around Superior Coin, SUP is currently used in carrying out simple tasks between various social media platforms. Steemit to/from Kryptonia, earn in two cryptocurrencies setting up/sharing content.

Superior Coin is a crypto coin built with strong community commitment, mining community mainly found in Telegram or on Discord Earning coins via a Faucet is available

Other ways of earning is by doing Tasks within Kryptonia, or Buy/Sell Steem/SUP as mentioned in content with social media links included by @sydesjokes

SUP Value
SUP Value

Superior Coin is a low value coin at the moment, earnings with this coin are achievable, adding Kblog will assist bloggers in earning more by using another blogging platform that pays. Original, high quality content you will be proud to share and earn, at the same time learning blockchain technology.

Those not wishing to mine, do tasks, who would however enjoy obtaining SUP via Exchanges

Round up what you are to expect in Kblog, New/Trending/Promotion Tabs are available for ease of access, Promotion Tab is not fully functional at this point in time.

Voting Points - Total users SUP points earned from the posted content.

Voting Value - First vote will be at 100%, decreasing at value of 10% per vote over a 24 hour period when reset. Calculation of Voting Value calculated on available balance in Kryptonia at a rate of, x 0.05 therefore the way I understand this calculation as follows,

Available Balance of say 10 000 SUP x 0.05 = Vote pays 5 SUP > less 10% Available Balance 9990 SUP = Vote pays 4.995 SUP > lowering at less 10% to next 24 hours reset.

Points obtained from article content, added points will remain adding up in Kryptonia Bank as a running balance, payout will occur when next payout timer is released. After 7 days this converts to Superior Coin SUP, estimated Points move into Tradeable SUP.

Transfer Feature allows users access to transfer SUP between members, where SUP funds will be added to Kryptonia bank balance.

Flag Feature will be available to move unwanted comments to bottom of a page, this will assist Admin in notifying them of unwanted comments on your blog.

This is a review on how I understand the platform Kblog will initially work, running in Beta many new features will be arriving. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to be on the site within hours of launch.

Kryptonia Development Team must be commended on completing Kblog a request through voting on Kryptonia by Members, the Community can now enjoy writing blog posts in both Steemit and on Kblog, use Tasks and share content further. Blogging has become more difficult over the years, working together drives better results.

If any errors are found in this please make note of them below for correction, something bright and shiny new we tend overlook or mis-interpret making the review critically incorrect.

Next stride forward Kryptonia Development Team have an Exchange in their sights coming soon supporting Superior Coin with Banking at your finger tips.

Kryptonia Superior Coin

Communities I Support: #qurator #steemitbloggers #teamsouthafrica #steemitbuilder

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Great information @joanstewart Its exiting to know that its a blockchain platform like steemit with rewards for content creators. Kryptonia team is really working hard.


Development Team were requested to make KBlog available when vote was put forward to all members in @kryptonia now to support each other and grow together.

I upvoted your post because you simply deserve it.

Mabuhay, keep steeming.

Please vote @Yehey as one of your Witness. Join us at https://SteemChat.com steem community.
Use @automation chat bot for a fun conversation.

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Thanks for visiting, appreciated @filipino

Loving all the new Kryptonia / Superior Coin updates. Kblog looks great and I can't wait to see the other updates they were talking about


Keep in touch, this community is on the move @ianstevenson

Oh my, what a good news it is...wow! Kblog sounds so nice. Am amaze about this, kryptonnia is doing great. This is awesome at the moment. Blogging in both steemit and kblog is gonna be a real deal. I will join asap, but i'd love the voting value be increased relating to the fact that sup is very low in price. Imagine getting 5sup from 10ksup value. I hope it changes soon. Thanks for sharing....@fisherman


Slowly grow with Kryptonia, with time payments/value will move up @peterecheng

I Am Very Excited For KBlog Because I Love Kryptonia And I Believe It Will Also Be As Good As Kryptonia 😘👍


All connected in one place with great vision for the future @orakzai

Kblog finally came on board, i haerd about it days age, i never imagine its ganna be this amazing. Kryptonia @mrlopez


Another place to earn @mrlopez

This post is amazing!
Thanks for share with all of us!


Thanks for visiting, appreciated @maryresp

Kblog looks interesting will be looking into it. Kryptonia @ richard78624


Look forward to seeing your posts in KBlog @richard78624

Hello Friend! It's good news for those of us who use and enjoy the Kriptonia experience, little by little the benefits will grow much more.


They will grow now with KBlog assisting content articles @anasuleidy

thats really awesome news i didn't know about it before that kryptonia going to launch something . thats awesome news. i am just looking at it right now.


Welcome @michealclauri hope you find a new home to post into.


yesterday i checkd it was saying website not found.

muchas gracias me quedo más claro lo del pago sobre kblog la verdad esta muy completo el post como siempre muy buenos contenidos que haces sigue así


Gracias por sus amables palabras, me alegro de ser de ayuda @oscar21vander

Using Google translator.

This is really interesting, am happy I saw this post.I have also upvoted the post, am a friend from kryptonia @jamescrusader


Look forward to your posts @jamescrusader thanks for support in @kryptonia

I'm happy to be a member of superior coin family and happy to see great work from kryptonia to kblog


Thanks for support and being a wonderful member of @kryptonia

Thanks for this great and lovely informatiom, please keep it up and more grease to yoour elbow. Kryptonia id @chetachi26


When and if I have an internet connection @cryptocheta One day at a time

Welcome to kblog. I really loved the platform. Posted intial posts. Quite superb experience. I urge new people to forget about voting power and other calculations. Simply surf and blog in the new platform. As it is a new platform it will give you oppurtunities to grow in the near future. kcherukuri from kryptonia.


KBlog being new to @kryptonia joining now always helps in growing with community @kcherukuri great to see you have already joined in with posting.

@joanstewart I also upvoted your post because you simply deserve it!


Thanks for visiting, appreciated @papilloncharity

We are all really happy to hear about the new kblog for all kryptonia users


It helps to join early @omobolaji

This is exciting news! I haven't really gained a grasp on the ins and outs of cryptocurrency yet, but I hope that kblog will make things that much easier! This is great incentive to start posting on social media again lol

via Kryptonia by @daytondoes


@kryptonia has many social media platforms open to assist each other learning, just ask questions in whichever platform you use and keep having fun learning @daytondoes

Your explanation is simply amazing, though i am just hearing about this news the first time. I will sign up immediately.


Great to welcome you in KBlog @blogjeremiah it will be fun growing together.

Great news for crypto loving bloggers. Hope a detailed video about the blog will be more helpful.


Will keep that in mind @dhanu4u

Im gonna signup straight away, as I use kryptonia and like what are they doing... Great news for all of us
kryptonia @psyceratopsb


Great place for community @psyceratopsb

I didn't realize that more blogging sites based of crypto are coming up. Looks interesting I'll have a look but I don't know if I could manage working on two sites. Though the trend of superior coin looks promising.


Sites should work together without a problem, blog then share off of Kryptonia Tasks helping content to go further, look forward to seeing you visit and testing @watersnake101

I really appreciate the breakdown of the explanation tans


Always something new at @kryptonia. Thank you @joanstewart.

I signed up.

Found this on @kryptonia


Makes life interesting @reonlouw thanks for visiting

The long awaited is Kblog is finally out, am so exited and priviledge to be a member of the kryptonia family. I believe tgis is going to make a great difference in the blockchain platform, i can't wait to login and to my dashboard and get started.

Tnx to everyone that made this a huge success.
Kryptonia ID: @diamondrich


Looking forward to your content @diamondrich

Hi @joanstwart, thank you for all the info you provide, you help a lot around here 😊 I signed up on kryptonia and now on kblog, looking forward for more action, I can see it is still in beta. More ways to learn, I guess. I follow you on kryptonia also @starjewel 😊


Learning never stops, keep life interesting @starjewel look forward to your content.

Thank you for sharing. This is my first time knowing this new platform KBLOG. This is exciting. I am looking forward to this.


Great to find out people are excited and looking forward to KBlog @rubelynmacion thanks for support.

I don't know if you can feel the earthquake of me banging my head on my desk! I am very excited to see this, and yes, I will do it, and no, I do not have any more time in my days! Sigh....

Thanks for posting about it anyway and I have it on my long, long list now.


Time is a premium at the moment with home affairs @fitinfun so I hear what you are saying.... in between the lines.

tnx for this very informative blog.


Look forward to seeing you @ryxfest213

Upvoted your post. ID @grace234


Thank you for visiting @grace234

Thanks for the info - I had completely missed it if it weren't for this post.
I just went to take a look, and to be honest, it looks a bit crappy.
I even tried to make a post: first it didn't want to upload images, then it simply wouldn't publish. The system kept saying a post must be over 800 characters, while there were 873.

The need to have a lot of developing to do before this can be an actual, good working site.


Thanks @simplymike have you let the Dev Team know you are encountering problems, I have posted three posts and not had problems you are mentioning, still needs SSL which Dev Team are aware of.


I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was my own fault, lol. I think I used too many tags or something like that. It took a while before I figured it out, but in the end it worked :0)