Real or fake account?

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As many of you know fake accounts are increasing. Especially if a person feels like they can get ahead of everyone. I think we can all pretty much agree that it becomes annoying. The hard part is determining a fake account from a real account and thats the  point of this article. What indicators do you use to determine a fake account. Do you even know when you see a fake account? Leave a comment with your opinion and lets start a discussion about this topic. 



On Facebook if there is no profile picture this sounds warning bells for me. Also if the are only a few posts and months apart.

I have a profile picture on my Facebook account but it's my hand only. If someone wants to know my face they need to see the old one haha.

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thats a good guideline.

Look at the content, who they follow, and how they post. Sometimes people have shadow accounts that are not fake, but leave out information.

yeah thats the hard part.

In my opinion, before accepting friend request or sending request to a person, you should know the latest activity,how old the account is and check his friend list too.

Not all account that have no picture is a fake account.

yeah i think its hard because some just want privacy.

Here in steemit I always see the blog and articles that account is posting in that way I can determine if the account is fake, in facebook I always check first the profile picture, timeline and number of friends :)
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thats a good and simple system!

I honestly don't know how to determine which one is fake account here on steemit. 😥
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yeah with steemit i think its a little more tricky but for me if it seems like a copy and paste job it is probably fake account.

Also if a profile has just been created recently with hardly any friends/followers and no mutual friends I just reject it.

i think thats tricky because some people try to create a profile for friends and family and another for social life.

i really like this idea. i didnt think of it.

I agree with @sydesjokes. If there is no photo, I'm immediately suspicious. If upon further investigation, I find no personal posts but only sharing or resteeming of other posts, I avoid further contact.

If someone is at all pushy I block them immediately.

I am the same way.

I can hardly tell if the account is fake. Some people can steal pictures from the net. Read, upvoted, commented and resteemed by rubelynmacion of krypto

i think it takes some practice and experience.

Check on Facebook and Twitter accounts before moving forward to accept. Will only perform a check if people have a profile picture.

No profile setup, if your are not interested in being online by not filling in a profile correctly, why should I waste my time hunting your down?

Both Facebook and Twitter, if you don't have any connection to me, why ask for friendship, always see who is friends with whom before accepting.

Being cautious and checking does not mean the odd one will slip through be vigilant to posts on your timeline, cut the person off by blocking them if they really do not show any interest in what you do, or post offensive content you do not approve of immediately, it is a reflection on you as to what goes onto your timeline.

i agree thats a good system.

Yes i agree with you @sydesjokes Facebook account w/out profile pictures and also posting nude pictures maybe that is not the real owner. From kryptonia @reatimtim

totally agree with @sydesjokes.... from kryptonia @everdope

Fake accounts are bad and my Kryptonia account is @ianstevenson

For me if no picture of himself/herself of all his/her post.

yeah same here!

One just have to be careful of fake profiles
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yeah for sure!

nobody have the time to mentain a fake acct as they do with the real one,it s obvious
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yeah they dont stay active thats a good indicator as well!

In my country, a guy disguises as a woman and targets the elderly retired folks who wishes to still get it on, however, there is a mistake they always make and that is using just one photograph for their status always. Besides, in their photo area, you wouldn't find another photo of them. This to me is clear evidence that such an account is fake. @joshie3739

The message of the comment and the profile reveals fake profile.

I can't tell if the account is fake. that is hard.. Kryptonia @jemacris01

Honestly, i dont know which is fake account but basically they are cheating with multiple accounts and taking away from people working hard. 😑 @zhayie03 - kryptonia id

I think, we can say that the account is fake if the following information provided is not compatible with his/her other information.

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I really love the question. How one really kown a fake account?

Sadly, some people pretends to be someone else, making fake accounts and impersonating others. We have to be wise enough to determine anything that is suspicious..Stay safe everyone.

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Uhm, need thorough investigation to determine whether a fake or real acc but I agree with @sydejokes those things might be a sign of a fake account but not all the time. Kryptonia @allerie002

In social media, there's a lot of fake accounts, but some are dummy accounts, especially on Facebook.

My friend has 2 accounts, the other one is for social life the other one is for family use. They're not fake but they are a dummy.

Coming from kryptonia. This is my kryptonia username :)

Fake account sounds like fake person lol 😃 kryptonia @charity user name @khieshe

The fake accounts are in everywhere, so worrying!!! (@rafaeluriel from Kryptonia)

Facebook is easy, mostly check out the albums, fake account doesnt have very organized photo albums albums... Also check it family members or friends are tagging the profile, fake accounts dont have much tags from third people...
Now here on steemit is kind of harder... I always get doubt until the person actually uploads a verification picture, or participate in some contest where have to upload video and speaking...

Maybe you are a fake acct too :))))) jk
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It's hard to tell if the account is fake or not kryptonia I'd @duquejunalyn

Disclaimer: Sometimes, we may have differing definitions of FAKE and REAL.

My Facebook looks like a "fake account" but it's the only Facebook account I have. (I have Twitter, Instagram and several others but I don't use them at all or only occasionally).


Few years ago, there was a Facebook debate about a particular armed group (operative in India's northeast), where I articulated my displeasure about them. The backlash was grotesque. Then one thing led to another and ultimately I "deactivated" my Facebook, and opened a brand new one which I still use to this day. This time I display no info.

Assuming Too Much: Unique Circumstance

A story is told, which goes something like this:

Tom: What have you done to deserve a prison time, Jerry?
Jerry: In times like these, why aren't you in prison, Tom?

Online world also mimicks the society. You'll have a good time on the Internet, if you have a good time in the society. In India, some years ago, someone went to the prison for clicking a Facebook like button (a funny story for most, but not funny for him who got jailed). So it's not fun to display identifiable info, sometimes.

Learning Stage

Steemit is a whole another world, very confusing, I found myself endlessly exploring, bumping my head here and there. I hope to open a "real account" someday (that is, if Steemit is still around in future) and give away my experimental Steemit to someone else or to a community project.

Niche Accounts

I heard someone say that he'll open one account for each of his niches -- I may not be calling his niche accounts as fake. :)


What's fake and what's not, may have to be inferred from purpose. What purpose does the account serve? Once you put your finger on the purpose of someone's account, you'll know if it's "fake" or "real". Without finding the purpose, I'd rather not assume too much.


which makes it very difficult because its hard to balance.

If it joined only this month or one month ago and already has 5-7 thousand followers, probably also fake accounts and has no original posts with long time gaps in between.

thats also true!

that's true! But it's hard to manage that.
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On Steemit, I tend to gravitate towards the people who seem to speak their mind and create original stuff, rather than just copying from Wiki or posting a meme. I think that is how I find real people on this platform.

On Facebook or Twitter, I do the same thing. Although, like @sydesjokes and @reonlouw, I do look for a picture and then review it to make sure it's not fake. I have been burned a few times by scammers stealing my friends photos. But I usually unfollow or block them pretty quickly.

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good way of doing things!

For me, one of the indicator to determine if the account is fake or not ( I am basing it to the celebrities that I do follow is they do not have a check mark from facebook or even twitter. Having a check mark means that they fully verified although they may be handled by their personal assistant or not. Also the images uploaded on their Social Networking sites should be in sync as well.

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good way of doing it :D

I really don't know how to determine fake ones. But profile pic is an indicator for me. If one doesn't have a profile pic, then he must have an ill motive. Also, I check who are his friends and followers.

Be careful everyone. I have a friend whose Steemit account has been hijacked and all her hard earned SBD is gone! Huhuhu! 😢

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im sorry for your friend that sounds so awful! :(

Yeah. She's a trusting newbie and fell prey to a selfish predator! 😭😢

Thank you for this interesting article and its discussion. It's very informative, Sir.

you are quite welcome my friend!

I really don't easily accept friend request in fb not unless if I really know the person or we have common friends. It's really hard to trust nowadays. @juvymae88 krptoniaid

yeah i agree with you!

are you pertaining to steemit accounts sir? It is very hard to determine that even if there is KYC. There are also users who wants to remain anonymous.

i meant in general. mainly as an over view idea.

Bit of a 'catch 26' in this being a blogging/social media site, if you are anonymous why use 'social media'?

Those purely doing crypto it is understandable not wishing to be known by name, however where does the trust come in with nameless, faceless accounts and portfolio?

i really dont know the answer for this.

its hard to decide

First you need to differentiate... many people are running with more than 2 to 5 alias steemit accounts alongside their original main account. Will you call these alias accounts fake?
This means to determine if an account is fake or not can only be determined by the activity that goes on on such accounts. An account that is set up just for spamming comments perhaps can be classified as fake right? but accounts that are setup to differentiate between different topics and content by same author, such accounts cannot be called fake... what do you think?

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yeah i think steemit is a hard platform to judge fake or or real

my friend one time saw an account on facebook same name and picture of herself because someone copied her and she reported it to facebook immediately. you can tell that it's fake because she's not the one who made that one. :)
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yeah unfortunately that is common.

I really dont know how to identify if the account is fake or what.
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Do you mean accouns on FB? I almost don't use it and confirm requests only from people I know. But don't check whether it is not just shadow profile made by someone else.
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Fake account can be easily determine by means of pictures. if someone constantly uploading his her own picture in steemit or facebook or even twiter maybe its real account , Good thing in steemit is we have pir introduce ypurself as a proof that we are not fake or dummy account.
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just thinking about it makes good sense

I look for a good profile pic and "real" looking content. I'm not really thinking about fakeness. i'm more looking at what they post about. I follow about 80% of anyone who shows up and then block later if I need to. I do not follow hot babes or widowers and block them.

I'm coming to you from @kryptonia with the same user name. It's Sunday @kryptonia re-steeming day for me and you are a part of that :)

determining fake accounts seems so difficult, others are just copying photos from real accts. and that makes it looks like a real better be beware of suspicious accounts.

from jason21 of kryptonia

In the world of crypto everyone need privacy in social media too.. they don't want others to judge them in their real life by viewing their social media activities. Mainly fake accounts depends on the type of social media in FB/twitter there wont be any or less personal/family/friends posts. @Dhaneshpk

good point

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