How to get the maximum out of Kryptonia to develop your steemit account

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When you are on steemit, you always want to get people to upvote, comment and resteem your posts. Kryptonia offers you the possibility to give an incentive for people to do so.

You can create a task on kryptonia asking people to upvote, comment and resteem your steemit posts or to follow you. You reward them with superiorcoins, which is the currency of the site.

Why should I pay somebody on kryptonia to upvote my post on steemit?

You don't have to invest to use the site

It may seem a bit counter intuitive to pay somebody on one site in order to get a reward on another site. What you should know about kryptonia is that you do not have to invest in order to get the superiorcoins. Just by enrolling you get your first 100 superiorcoins. You can then link your social media profiles and for every profile you get another 100 coins. Take tasks of other users to get even more superiorcoins.

Be patient

It takes some time till you can actually use the coins that you have earned by taking tasks of other people. You need to be patient. Try to take tasks regularly so that your account is filling up continually. Be sure that you always follow the tasks as requested otherwise you might get revoked.

How to get the maximum out of kryptonia

We saw that you can get superiorcoins for free and now you can use them to create your own tasks. Your own tasks will be your added value on this platform. Not only will you get traffic to your steemit posts but you can get new followers, interaction with your posts and even resteems. Just ask for it!

The Kryptonia bot

When you write your steemit post, make sure that you use the task kryptonia in your tags. Like that you invite the kryptonia bot to your post. You need to have a reputation score on steemit above 25 and have a task running on kryptonia to get an upvote. These upvotes can be quite consequent!

kryptonia bot in action

When creating a task on kryptonia

Try to make really clear what you expect of the people taking a task and also tell them that you will revoke them if the task is not completed correctly. There are some users who say that they completed the tasks without even having a steemit account. Revoke them without hesitation.
This means that you also have to control whether people did what you asked them to do.

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source: busy

Control whether people did the tasks as asked

I use tools to control whether people did all I wanted them to do.
I use busy to control if people upvoted my posts and also if they are following me if I asked for it. Simply use the keys ctrl+f to search on the website.

To check whether people resteemed my post, I use this website.

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source: helloacm

I clearly communicate in my tasks that I will revoke people who do not complete all the requirements. Most of the users do everything perfectly but there are some people who just don't get how the site works.

Create the task immediately after publishing it on steemit

Do not promote posts on steemit that are already old. If they are more than 7 days old, upvotes are not counted anymore. I usually publish a task immediately after publishing the steemit post.

Give a good reward

In my experience it is better to offer a good reward to few people rather than small awards to many. The tasks on kryptonia are ordered according to the reward that is given. If I give a high reward, my tasks are just much more visible to the users.

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I've signed up using your referral. Now I'm doing one of your tasks. Seems like a good idea. Thanks for the recommendation.


That's great news! Hope you will find it useful.

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I am happy serving you all...

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i came for the task, i upvote for the good content! thx for the info!


thanks for taking the task

Ilustrativo post. Gracias por su informacion para todos los que aún estamos un poco ignorantes en la plataforma. @xintoe

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Hey . I found you on Kryptonia. Steem on! :)

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Thanks for sharing these tips! I imagine that sharing on Kryptonia is probably better than promoting posts on Steemit - cheaper and probably more effective


Hi @motodrive,
Thanks for taking the task on Kryptonia. I think that promoting posts on steemit with bid-bots may actually increase the value of the post and the attention it draws. In the end however it seems quite difficult to end up with more money after the post than before. On Kryptonia you can give an incentive to real people who read your post and comment it. I think it is good to use both ways.

I found this post on kryptonia and it is well taken.

I really appreciate your enlighten about kryptonia, thanks for posting


I was already thinking about doing a post on the same subject. Well I guess this is now obsolete...good job :)

i love you

upvote for you from kryptonia @ziggy

Kryptonia @steemizm

I still haven't signed up. My first thought was that I might not have the time or the patience to complete tasks too often, or validate tasks to see if the users really fulfilled the requirements. But I've been seeing more posts talking about Kryptonia lately, and I'm starting to think it might be an interesting way to promote things. Not only the upvotes and interactions from the users doing the tasks, but the upvotes from the bot sound like a nice incentive too. And yesterday I found out we can even buy SuperiorCoins for STEEM or SBD... I'm getting tempted to sign up and give it a try.