Krypto Gamers 31.08.2019

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Stats for Krypto Game(r)s, gambling games on Steem

 Report IntervalBlock
from:30.08.2019 00:00:00 UTC35985018
to:30.08.2019 23:59:57 UTC36013613

Yesterday Total Bets11770.103
Yesterday Average Bet5.936
Yesterday Total Prizes11401.700

Yesterday Total Number of Wins110055.5 %
Yesterday Total Number of Loss88344.5 %
Yesterday Total Number of Bets1983100 %

Yesterday Highest Single STEEM Bets

1.mdorka213.184 STEEM
2.mdorka178.219 STEEM
3.mdorka162.301 STEEM
4.mdorka154.779 STEEM
5.mdorka150.446 STEEM
6.cryptoxicate150.000 STEEM
7.broncnutz95.469 STEEM
8.broncnutz90.647 STEEM
9.broncnutz86.069 STEEM
10.leoumesh79.213 STEEM

Yesterday Accounts with Highest Total STEEM Bets

1.mdorka3578.370 STEEM
2.felander1470.000 STEEM
3.steinz1126.134 STEEM
4.broncnutz960.141 STEEM
5.hitmeasap755.359 STEEM
6.eagle2528.776 STEEM
7.bookguy415.006 STEEM
8.ekushya413.350 STEEM
9.steemitcuration409.000 STEEM
10.leoumesh320.428 STEEM

Yesterday Highest Single STEEM Wins

1.mdorka319.776 STEEM
2.mdorka275.683 STEEM
3.mdorka239.818 STEEM
4.mdorka222.301 STEEM
5.cryptoxicate157.979 STEEM
6.fullcoverbetting128.000 STEEM
7.felander120.000 STEEM
8.felander120.000 STEEM
9.felander120.000 STEEM
10.broncnutz100.547 STEEM

Yesterday Accounts with Highest Total STEEM Wins

1.mdorka3290.215 STEEM
2.felander1492.436 STEEM
3.steinz1155.130 STEEM
4.broncnutz881.823 STEEM
5.hitmeasap634.000 STEEM
6.eagle2613.729 STEEM
7.bookguy474.477 STEEM
8.ekushya449.029 STEEM
9.fullcoverbetting333.609 STEEM
10.leoumesh327.293 STEEM

I am NOT affiliated with or in any way associated with the Krypto Gamers Team. This is an independent report using data, which is publically available from the Steem blockchain.

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