Krypto Gamers 06.08.2019

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Stats for Krypto Game(r)s, gambling games on Steem

 Report IntervalBlock
from:05.08.2019 00:00:00 UTC35272186
to:05.08.2019 23:59:57 UTC35300924

Yesterday Total Bets61581.029
Yesterday Average Bet21.830
Yesterday Total Prizes62912.465

Yesterday Total Number of Wins193568.6 %
Yesterday Total Number of Loss88631.4 %
Yesterday Total Number of Bets2821100 %

Yesterday Highest Single STEEM Bets

1.netaterra400.000 STEEM
2.netaterra400.000 STEEM
3.vlemon400.000 STEEM
4.vlemon400.000 STEEM
5.vlemon400.000 STEEM
6.vlemon400.000 STEEM
7.netaterra400.000 STEEM
8.vlemon400.000 STEEM
9.vlemon400.000 STEEM
10.vlemon400.000 STEEM

Yesterday Accounts with Highest Total STEEM Bets

1.vlemon42090.500 STEEM
2.houstonrockets7168.000 STEEM
3.pladozero1825.400 STEEM
4.crypticat1824.000 STEEM
5.cryptoxicate1701.789 STEEM
6.begonethot1495.000 STEEM
7.netaterra1201.000 STEEM
8.joeparysacademy794.000 STEEM
9.tunnaingwin594.960 STEEM
10.nathen007501.833 STEEM

Yesterday Highest Single STEEM Wins

1.vlemon1000.000 STEEM
2.vlemon800.000 STEEM
3.vlemon800.000 STEEM
4.vlemon800.000 STEEM
5.vlemon800.000 STEEM
6.vlemon800.000 STEEM
7.vlemon800.000 STEEM
8.vlemon800.000 STEEM
9.joeparysacademy752.000 STEEM
10.vlemon750.000 STEEM

Yesterday Accounts with Highest Total STEEM Wins

1.vlemon43584.053 STEEM
2.houstonrockets7043.718 STEEM
3.pladozero2178.000 STEEM
4.crypticat2065.000 STEEM
5.cryptoxicate1592.498 STEEM
6.begonethot1252.000 STEEM
7.joeparysacademy1120.000 STEEM
8.netaterra843.607 STEEM
9.nathen007500.765 STEEM
10.tunnaingwin499.140 STEEM

I am NOT affiliated with or in any way associated with the Krypto Gamers Team. This is an independent report using data, which is publically available from the Steem blockchain.

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