Krypacademy meme contest-1 (20 steem will be given to the winner and the payout from this post will be given to the funniest meme.)

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KRYPACADEMY loves crypto so here is your chance to earn some crypto.


So here comes a contest in which you can't loose, you will win both ways 😉

Rules are as follows

  1. Upvote and Resteem this post .
  2. Make a new post on your timeline with a funny meme in which first tag will be krypacademy and post the link of your post in the comment section below.
  3. Comment with least upvote will win 20 steem and comment with highest upvote is automatically winning money and the comment with the funniest meme which will be selected by @looftee and @himshweta will be awarded with full payout of this post .

Comments will not be counted after 5 days , upvote the comment of others as much as you can to win this contest untill the payout day and you can post unlimited meme. You can check the timer here(Note:comments are now closed, no entry will be entertained from now only upvote war is on )

If you like what you read, do not forget to upvote resteem and follow @vinnu 😂

Join Krypacademy Discord Server Here KRYPACADEMY


That was fast 😂

lol, it doesn't follow the rules. but i hope i'm the only entry so they'll be forced to give it to me :D


Why? I made such a good meme...

you didn't follow the rules.First read the rules carefully :)

Ok. I upvoted but forgot to resteem. I resteemed now.

And i made these 2 memes for you:


Do you make more meme contests?

Cheers J

Wishing all the participants the very best for this contest. May the best entry win. Regards Nainaz.

Is there a specific theme around which the meme should revolve?

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sorry you are late, commenting time over better luck next time . :)

Why? I have posted before your timeline of 5days. Your post date 15/01/2018 and time 03:08pm. I have posted on 20/01/2018 02:46pm.
Please, explain how i am late? I don't understand your calculation.

I already gave the timer and the timer stopped thats why you are late after stopping the watch i edit this post, you can see up in the post :)

It means, it is not for 24 hours * 5 = 120 hours. It is as your timer time.
Then why you written 5 days, only write as timer based.
OK, that's not problem. It is upto you, what to use and what to not.

It was written 5 days and i have given the timer also to check the exact time. After the timer stopped i edit the post to say that commenting period is over :)

That's OK sir. Thanks for reply.

sorry you are late, commenting time over better luck next time . :)

My new meme is upvoting. So I win anyway))) Thank you

sorry you are late, commenting time over better luck next time . :)