Can prison really change a murderer's heart?

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In 1978, 15-year-old Mary Vincent ran away from Las Vegas to California.
She got into the van of 50-year-old Lawrence Singleton. Soon he picked her up and beat her.
After brutally raping and having sex with Mary, he cut off both of her arms and threw her down a 30-foot culvert. As Singleton sped away from the scene, he believed he had killed Mary.
Image: Top- Mary uses artificial hands, and the culprit Bottom - The culvert and Mary today
Using what was left of her spirit arm, Mary crawled out of the culvert and walked three miles until a young couple found her slumped in the road. She was naked, holding up what was left of her mutilated arms to slow the bleeding and prevent the muscles from falling out.
Maria was rushed to a hospital where she was able to give a detailed description of Singleton that led to the capture of the perpetrator.
After eight years he was released from prison because his behavior was 'pleasant'. But in 1997, 19 years after his release, Singleton murdered a mother of three in her home. This led to the passage of the Singleton Bill, which prohibits the early release of those convicted of crimes involving torture, with a minimum sentence of 25 years.
Can prison really change a murderer's heart?
Mary Vincent's harrowing story and miraculous survival
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