Kripton; The Bitcoin Of Africa.

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It's a known fact that money is needed to kickstart businesses around the world. Many times, the people who need this money the most are usually the ones being shut out by the traditional financial institutions. To secure loans, collaterals​ or a good credit history have to be submitted and this is usually impossible for the average person. This leads to the funds being unavailable to those who truly need them. This issue has been a huge pain and various methods have been tested to improve the situation. People need access to loans​ when they need them.

So, what if the world could operate on trust instead of collateral?

Introducing Kripton

Kripton is a cryptocurrency developed by L-Pesa Microfinance. Imagine needing only your phone to get a loan; this is what L-Pesa Microfinance intends to achieve with Kripton. This basically makes it a peer-to-peer crypto lending platform designed for Africa; the first of its kind.

L-Pesa is a financial service that has helped millions of people all over the world by providing microloans​ to help them kickstart or expand their businesses. The company has been in existence for three years with over 150,000 registered users.

To meet the growing demand and to better position the company for better service delivery, the company decided to go the route of the initial coin offer (ICO) and attempt to raise $25 million. We believe this route represents the future for startups. We believe that ICO’s offers transparency and is more inclusive. Better still, our clients will get the chance to own part of the company and hopefully, one day partake in profits generated.

By issuing a Token, named Kripton, we are confident that it will gain widespread acceptance and this is why we have dubbed it as the “Bitcoin of Africa”. We are looking forward to a time where Kripton will be choice African cryptocurrency from Capetown to Cairo. We want to imagine a world where the K​ripton not only will be used as ​a means of exchange but also provide the first Africa crypto peer-to-peer lending platform. - Ron Tuval, Founder & Managing Director, L-Pesa Group


  • It is said to be the first crypto loan service in Africa.

  • Loans can be taken in either Bitcoin or Ether.

  • Interest rates on the loans are said to be super low.

  • Participating in the ICO means you are investing in the future of Africa.

Token and ICO details

Kripton is an ERC20 token with 2,600,000,000 Token Supply. The token presale will commence on March 18, 2018, and the public sale will begin on April 10, 2018.


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