I love Kratom.

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This special leaf from Southeast Asia is giving me a nice pleasant feeling. I'd like to take it every now and then. It helps you stay focused. It's like natures Adderall, but better. Additionally, it helps me not to drink beers in the evening. I'm not interested at all with this little plant hehe:P

A lot of people use it for opiate withdrawal, cough, depression, anxiety, and many others. I'm not a doctor tho, but you should try it. It is legal in most countries.

The native people of Thailand and CO used to use it for work amongst other physical activities. Unfortunately, the Government banned it so the big Pharma can sell their shit there.

Kratom for everybody! sends kratom



The healing abilities are top notch! No one can't deny that.

Mitragyna speciosa is the ancient Chinese secret. It has been used for millennia for a myriad of reasons. It is not technically an opiate as it doesn't come from papaver somniferum. It does have agonistic properties activating the bodies mu,kappa, and delta opiate receptor sites located throughout the body. The stems however have an anagonistic effect which balances out the activation. It's most prevalent alkaloid is mitragyne consisting of 60-70% of the total alkaloidal content and is responsible for the mild anxiolytic,euphoric and analgesic properties. A lesser component is 7-hydroxymitragyne which is far more powerful than morphine in its analgesic efficacy. But, due to the other properties of the leaf and the miniscule amount of this alkaloid it's benign compared to traditional opiates and opioids. However if extracted it's a, powerful potent and profitable drug for big pharma.

Kratom mimics the effects of the man made partial agonist opioid maintenance drug that's worth billions bupenorphine. This along with poor clinical trials,research, and bad press is why this plant is being persecuted so that pharmaceutical companies can exploit and bastardize the naturally occurring medicine.

It belongs to the coffee family rubiaceae and used responsibly has as much addiction and risk potential as espresso. It also has a ceiling effect meaning after a threshold is met in blood plasma concentrations you can't get more high and it will cause nausea and nystagmus or eye twitching. It has no risk of respiratory depression which is why people die from opiate overdoses and if one does become addicted to it the physical withdrawals are mild and include lethargy and the sniffles. It passes in a few days and you will only miss it in the same way one might miss a morning cup of coffee. it's native to most of SE Asia but due to USA intervention after the Vietnam War it's been made illegal. Of course it's still shipped all over the world and makes crooked governments hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

If you need to know anything about this magical plant just ask, I spent years taking many different varieties and studying it's makeup. It's also anti viral, bacterial, carcinogenic, the list goes on and on. It has dozens of alkaloids not even properly researched.

Wow, bro! You really studied this plant! Amazing that you know all this out of your head.

Yea it’s a passion of mine for sure. Met a guy last night that has everything lol, but wanted 75 usd for 35g of kratom ! That’s outrageous, in the states it’s maybe 15 dollars for that amount ! Sigh, oh well, I’ve made it years now without my favorite plant.

But, this guy has a menu of psychedelics, I was floored by his knowledge. Super sketchy here though and a blessing I’m broke haha !

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Those guys! I know them. It's very intriguing to buy.

Yeah, that price is pretty high. I just got 500g of Kratom for 50 USD. That will last for a little while.

A friend gave me some Modafinil I just tried. Let's see how that works. I never tried it before and surprisingly you get it without a prescription here in India :D

I'm also thinking about opening an online Kratom Shop for the German market. I just need to find those wholesale people of Thailand. Probably have to fly there and check out some people.

I can probably contact them actually

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Do they also grow it in Malaysia? Do you know some of them?

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