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Hi guys,

I'm curious how many people received their Stellar (Lumens) from Kraken following the faucet in June of this year?

They claimed to be participants and would credit users their proportionate amounts following the snapshot. I have yet to receive mine and have written them 5 times since, with literally no response other than the automated one stating "we've received your inquiry...".

They used to be consistent at responding, but they seem to entirely avoid this topic. I moved a large portion of my bitcoin to my Kraken account prior to the snapshot because of their participation claims.

Are they overtly stealing users Lumens or is this just a negligent oversight on their part..?


Considering that this post was made in December 2017, it can be assumed that the exchange's support team was extremely busy. Perhaps you could update us with another post?

On the other hand, we would love to invite you to join the StakeIt community. Visit for more info.

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