HELP?! Please. How do you get access to Kraken without the annoying 404?!

in kraken •  11 months ago

I am soooooooooooo sick and tired of this shit! (excuse my language, but I am really angry and losing a lot of time on this BS).

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 06.47.45.png

Someone told me to use an API, but I dont know how to do that.
Then there were some reports that even via API the servers are not responding.

Can aynone help, does anyone know how to solve this anyhow?

Thankful for any help here -.-

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Switch to they are still operating. But ye... I feel you man.


this is still my only fiat <> crypto gateway and I still have funds there that I cannot move -.-
really pissed atm

kraken is not verify my account from so long time i am not liking that site at all :( @blocklab

same here


Truth is that their current platform can't handle the existing number of users. I've heard that they actually decided not to invest in the existing platform to scale it but setup a completely new one. As far as I know they were are supposed to release the new platform mid december bu there's no specific data anounced.

looks like server issues if any kind of API configuration error then sorry i could not help :(

its not working at my end too

it looks like there server is down or maybe they are doing maintenance work on their server that's why this error message show up, i hope once they done maintenance then you able to access the website, it's not the problem at your end, it's the problem at kraken end.

Your post is very nice

Blocklab viel lange nicht mehr bei Dir vorbeigeschaut (allgemein bei Steemit).

Der Error Code nervt mich auch tierisch auf Kraken, sehr penetrant. Zehnfach die Seite aufzurufen nur um eine Seite weiterklicken können .. sooo annoying :).

Wünsche Dir ganz tolle Weihnachten