A computer error allows to invest free in bitcoin in a Japanese operator

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Japanese cryptocurrency operator's system error temporarily allowed seven free users to invest in bit coin.

Japanese cryptocurrency operator was able to temporarily invest in bitcoin free of charge due to system error. With this ruling, seven users were able to secure large amounts of digital money and in some cases tried to guess.

On Feb. 16, Zaip decrypted exchange reported a "deficiency" (spontaneous error) in the system that calculates prices and lasted for about 20 minutes, the statement said in a Tuesday statement. Owner of the operator of the Bureau of Technology.

This error was resolved within 2 hours, the transaction was canceled and the balance was corrected. The company, which is trading with one of the investors, tried to sell Bitcoin, worth 220 billion yen (16.6 trillion euros), according to today's newspaper Asahi. The company apologizes for any inconvenience to the customer and will "strive to improve the service" (so that it does not happen again).

The incident occurred less than a month after a Japanese carrier, Coincheck, was attacked by a computer, and hundreds of millions of digital currency NEMs were stolen about 58,000,000,000 yen (343 million euros).

Theft has been a warning to authorities in Asian countries to assess the risk system of digital call operators and register headquarters, and associations in this sector can help establish self-regulatory institutions to restore public confidence.

Japan is the second largest cryptocurrency market in the world and has 16 exchange houses registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Zaif and the Financial Supervisory Authority, including 16 exchange houses Coincheck awaiting approval.



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