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RE: Cotton Candy Drinks and Beautiful Flowers!

in #kr6 years ago

What a wonderful surprise to find that that you had posted this awesome blog when I called in to check on you @devi1714 Jeffery Café sounds like a place I'd like to frequent. The décor is very different and so appealing. Amazing images my friend. I will be back tomorrow to resteem and upvote as I need to build the quality of my votes up again. (I never have enough Sigh!) Have a great week.


Haha, thank you! I wrote it a little while ago, so sharing it here was just a matter of a few minutes that I finally got around to spending here! I wish I could frequent it too, it has such a nice atmosphere and feeling to it. But as it is, it's a very nice place to visit once every few months! Thank you! I know the feeling of never having enough upvotes.... You too!

I think you presented this blog very well @devi1714. And I really enjoyed reading it. Have upped and resteemed now. 🌺

Thank you very much! :)

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