I visited bank first time after I became an adult

in #kr4 years ago

Hi, I'm back. I visited bank today for getting new bankbook and changing password and message service number. It was really hot and I thought about going another day but I was worried about my mother gets all of my money so I visited today. It was my first time to visit bank after I became an real adult.

When I was not an adult it was hard for me to visit bank and do what I want to do because most of the case I need my parents and some documents. But this time I didn't need it! I was nervous but kind workers helped me to do the things and I could finish all of them finally.

In fact, I needed to pay some money for getting new bankbook but the worker helped me to not pay it so I bought two potatoes at the MC Donald.

I used to visit steemit everyday, but thesedays I didn't. That's because I had so much things to do like studying for my monthly tests, AS retake, A2 test, IELTS and TOEFL. I was really busy and I couldn't visit steemit. Some of my classmates are doing part time job while they study for the all of the tests and I just thought wow they are really great and awesome. I wasn't doing part time job from my test time to now. However I'm thinking about doing part time job these days.

I am a student whose major is science and mathematics but I'm also taking business class, too. I'm not good at it because I haven't studied it and I have no experience that I worked. Therefore my business teacher asked me do a part time job for my experience, study and career. Although I don't have enough time but I'm thinking about it.

Anyway, I was busy to doing them and also until now I'm doing them too. I don't exactly know when can I visit steemit like before but steemit is a place where I feel relax and healed so I will comeback whenever I have time.

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