[Voting payback] STEEM transfer state for voter, delegator with lottery (2022.03.17)

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Steam payback for today's voting.

We pay back a minimum of 0.001 STEEM in proportion to your voting power.

I sent a total of Total 0.18 STEEM to 9 people.

Your STEEM delegation is a big helpful to make ecosystem. We are waiting for your delegation.http://steemit.email/

We send an additional bonus 0.021 STEEM to @dorian-lee who placed 1st in the lottery.

We send an additional bonus 0.014 STEEM to @thomaskim who placed 2nd in the lottery.

We send an additional bonus 0.007 STEEM to @penyaircyber who placed 3rd in the lottery.

The purpose of Steem Power delegation is to redistribute Steem's resources and form a starter kit for new users.

We offer 6 benefits to those who rent over 100 STEEM power.

  1. The reward for voting is double the normal reward.
  2. The daily lottery reward probability is twice that of general voting members.
  3. It is distributed to those who rent out external compensation using NFT.
  4. Through collaboration, voting rewards are also doubled at @blue0 and @uoid.
  5. We pay rental interest every day.
  6. We provide automatic voting for those who can't come every day. Please enter your posting key in the google form.
    (Future) We are trying to apply stable and diverse benefits by continuously creating new types of rewards.

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