Daily Top 10 작품 on nTOPAZ (2019.08.13)

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Top 10 작품 리스트 2019.08.13

Top 10 예술작품들을 감상하며 창조적 영감이 있으시길 바랍니다.

1. Sunset reflection

@boddhisattva • 추천수 11, 댓글수 12
리스펙 점수: 71.51점(예상 보상금액: $3.28 SBD)

2. First man full body character

@ryangrang • 추천수 9, 댓글수 6
리스펙 점수: 61.43점(예상 보상금액: $1.68 SBD)

3. Our evening (new illustration)

@ferjart • 추천수 7, 댓글수 4
리스펙 점수: 59.17점(예상 보상금액: $1.91 SBD)

4. Unveiling

@barbarabezina • 추천수 7, 댓글수 6
리스펙 점수: 58.15점(예상 보상금액: $2.96 SBD)

5. Live model sculpture in 12hours.

@sirapa • 추천수 7, 댓글수 6
리스펙 점수: 52.04점(예상 보상금액: $1.86 SBD)

6. ✌My second attempt😘💔Heartbreaker💘🥰by curly-xu

@curly-xu • 추천수 8, 댓글수 5
리스펙 점수: 52.90점(예상 보상금액: $1.66 SBD)

7. Acrylic chrome Skull painting

@jeremyrfk • 추천수 8, 댓글수 5
리스펙 점수: 51.69점(예상 보상금액: $1.78 SBD)

8. X-Fashion

@axeman • 추천수 10, 댓글수 3
리스펙 점수: 50.54점(예상 보상금액: $1.85 SBD)

9. Eye On A Hand, Hand In Chains - Pen Drawing

@maxwellmarcusart • 추천수 5, 댓글수 19
리스펙 점수: 50.43점(예상 보상금액: $1.99 SBD)

10. Mother and Daughter / Draw

@ciscorodriguez50 • 추천수 6, 댓글수 6
리스펙 점수: 49.52점(예상 보상금액: $2.08 SBD)

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beautiful artworks😍😍

Hello @ntopaz, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!