The image of a loyal lady waiting for someone who is loved --- 사랑받는 사람을 기다리는 충성스러운 여성의 이미지

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I'm still waiting for you, because I'm sure love to bring you back here and change the longing.

나는 아직도 너를 기다리고있다. 왜냐하면 나는 사랑이 너를 여기로 돌려 보내고 갈망을 바꿀 것이기 때문이다.

Hello @love-art-design! We have met 4 times already!

I am just a tiny guide puppy who is eager to help you to communicate well with the friends in KR community. Meeting me means that your post needs to be improved in certain ways to be welcomed by the Korean readers. Please see my advice below :)

  • Please refrain using any online translators. It does not work well with Korean language. English is preferred than translated Korean.
  • It is ok to use English, but the post should be somewhat relevant to Korean.
  • Do not copy someone else's content. Your post will be downvoted by the Korean whales if you do.
  • If you meet me very often, you would be put into the blacklist.

I hope you enjoy Steemit as much as we do. :)

Many thanks!

Beautiful art on a beautiful girl !
Perfect one !!

Upvoted !

Hey! I think you need a help from kr-guide!