ITC Progress Update 09/11/2019–15/11/2019

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IoT Chain

1. Staking service

  • [Completed] We have fixed the operational system background data issues.
  • [In Progress] We are working on the Operation management system optimization.

2. Mainchain

  • [Completed] Added Jar package compilation script.

3. ITC Wallet

  • [Completed] Completed password error prompt optimization in the token swap process.

4. Token Swap Support by Exchanges

  • [In Progress] Mainnet ITC token swap on OKEx is under progress. The resumption time of ITC depositing will be announced in a further notice after the mainnet upgrade is complete.
  • The following exchanges support ITC MainNet swap: PIEXGO and KuCoin.
  • Exchange that only support Mainnet ITC is DragonEx.
    Please carefully read the notices and instructions of the exchanges regarding their ITC mainnet swap process. We will continue to update the community with any news regarding exchange support, please keep an eye on our official announcement channels for further updates.



Number of token holders21,963+0.10%
Number of transactions118,419+0.15%

(Data source:



Chinese communityNumber%
WeChat & QQ6,158-0.19%
Overseas communityNumber%
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