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Hello, steemers! Today I'd like to talk about interesting theme, The SECOND moon. Maybe you might think, how can there be two moons? It's just a lie. Yeah, I thought like this. But, 2016H03 is really the second moon, (actually it's quasi-satellite). So let's talk about this one!

2016H03 is Earth's second satellite which surrounds Earth. - it's satellite's dictionary meaning- It looks like this,

and it seems like an ugly potato. Also, it is super small. Contrast to moon -which is the first satellite of Earth-, moon is 40000 times bigger than 2016ho3. It was discovered in 2016 April 27th in Hawai observatory. It's now called "quasi-satellite, because of it's orbit. (But before, it is considered as second moon because, it's orbit is much closer to Moon's orbit, so this is the reason why 2016ho3 is called the second moon.)

It spins like this. By the way, moon's orbit is exactly same with earth's orbit.

However, controversy of second moon wasn't only once. For example, there might be "Cruithne". It is now classified as quasi-satellite, or earth adjacent asteroid. However, going more deeply, it is bigger than Pluto twice. It's diameter is about 5 kilometers, and it takes 366 days to spin around sun. It isn't considered as second moon, because of it's orbit.

You can see it's orbit spins like horseshoe. This shows, it isn't affected at Earth's gravitation much. Also, it shares orbit with Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. And except "Cruithne", there are still 3 of them like it.

Nasa's plan is to go to Moon until 2020, and inspect 2016ho3. They will try to figure out what made it. I cannot wait for that moment, how 2016ho3 exactly looks like, and what's it made of! See you next time with new information!

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It is a very good science common sense.
By the way, I knew for the first time that there was a satellite on Earth another ^^

This is pretty interesting.

Thanks for replying justtryme90! I was interested while searching this too!

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