Watch what the whales are doing...

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4th largest ethereum whale 🐋 just bought what?

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Yes, he/she just bought FTT, the exchange coin of FTX.

If you look on Coingecko, we can see the stats on FTT.


The chart actually looks pretty nice. Just waiting for bitcoin to go down to around 42~44k to scare the people out of their crypto, and then up we go.

It's always interesting to see what other rich traders are buying. It seems like they know what they're doing and have a good reason for buying or selling. For example, recently, Raoul Pal just announced that his two biggest holdings are Ethereum (which everyone knows) and SANDBOX!!! Huh? Sandbox? I didn't know he was into gaming. But then again, who isn't into gaming, right?


안녕하세요 gungho님

랜덤 보팅!!

소소하게 보팅하고 가요


빨리 투심이 살아났으면 응원합니다^^

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