$1.1B Bitcoin Options Expiry Date

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$1.1B Bitcoin Options Expiry Date:

Friday, Dec 10th, 2021
(2021년 12월 10일 금요일)

Well, according to this article, the bitcoin expiry date is due tonight. It is said that the price of Bitcoin is deliberately being pushed down under 50K.


That makes me wonder after tonight will bitcoin pop back up to 64K or will it continue down to 46k and then 42k? If it does go down, it wouldn't be related to the expiry date. It would have to be some sort of Black Swan event that would cause the market to crash, or something stupid like that.

However according to the Dow Jones chart, it's supposedly "topped out". Will it break that orange line of resistance and go on to create more new all-time highs, or will it get rejected and come back down, leaving us with a 36k Bitcoin, or even better a 14k one? 😆🤣 That'd be the jackpot!!!


I've got my position, both long and short. Now it's just a matter of time before the bitcoin move begins to shake the market.

Image source

Wojak and Bogdanoff

I'll leave this video for you to watch.


과연 비트코인은 12월에 1억을 갈 것인가.. ㅎ 응원합니다^^

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